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Trump congratulates US military in Syria missile strike, including female Navy commander

President Trump on Saturday congratulated U.S. military personnel who executed his ordered missile strike on the Syrian air base connected to a deadly chemical attack on civilians earlier in the week. “Congratulations to our great military men and women for representing the United States, and the world, so well in the Syria attack,” Trump tweeted.

Time to Stop America’s Innovation Decline

Ken Blackwell, On Thursday, President Trump met with Chinese President Xi Jinping – a meeting many observers expected to be tense given the situation in North Korea, as well as each leaders’ commitment to strengthening their respective countries’ positions in the world. The President and his team are no doubt also aware of China’s moves

Twitter files lawsuit over US government attempt to identify users behind anti-Trump account

James Rogers, Twitter has filed a lawsuit against the U.S government over an attempt to reveal the identities of the users behind the @ALT_USCIS account, which has been critical of President Trump’s administration. A “rogue” government account, @ALT_USCIS describes its goal as “immigration resistance” and is now at the center of the row between Twitter

US manufacturing expanded in March

Vicki Needham | The Hill, The highest level in more than two years. U.S. manufacturing expanded in March for the the seventh straight month, although at a slower pace than in February, a new survey shows. The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) said Monday that their latest index fell slightly to 57.2 last month from

US reliance on China for critical metals is being ignored

John Moody, The United States has made no progress to decrease its dependence on China for metals and materials that are critical to our national security and defense, according to a narrowly-circulated report from the Department of Defense. The document, dated January 2017 and titled, “Strategic and Critical Materials Operations Report to Congress,” confirms the

US $$$ for UN Rapes

Betsy McCaughey, Globalists and Democrats shrieked last week when President Donald Trump proposed cutting American funding for the United Nations by 50 percent. The president dismisses the U.N. as a “waste of time and money.” That’s the least of it. U.S. taxpayers bankroll the U.N. with $10 billion a year. Our hard-earned money perpetuates an

Know Thine Enemy

Caroline Glick, Israel gets back on the phony peace process train. There are iron rules of warfare. One of the most basic rules is that you have to know your enemy. If you do not know your enemy, or worse, if you refuse to act on your knowledge of him, you will lose your war