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Socialists Lie, People Die

Laura Hollis, Last weekend’s Wall Street Journal featured yet another article about Venezuela. Titled simply, “Venezuela is starving,” the article starts with a subhead about how Venezuela was “once Latin America’s richest country.” It goes on to describe how Venezuela has degenerated into a hellhole of widespread starvation: Venezuelans are forced to forage through garbage

Socialist Venezuela to Solve Bread Shortage by Banning Brownies

Daniel Greenfield, Fellow Socialist Bernie Sanders would approve. As Bernie said, You don’t necessarily need a choice of 23 underarm spray deodorants when children are hungry in this country.”  Real Socialists don’t use deodorant. That’s what blood and children’s tears are for. In Venezuela, the Socialist experiment is going brilliantly. Everything is being nationalized.  Venezuelan bakeries

Ignorant Media

John Stossel, Has the media gotten worse? Or am I just grouchier? Every day I see things that are wrong or that so miss the point I want to scream. Four examples: Storm Coverage As this week’s storm approached the East Coast, the media reverted to breathless hype: “monster storm … very dangerous.” Here I

Trump Prepares U.N. Takedown

Edmund Kozak, President Trump is reportedly preparing an executive order that will significantly reduce U.S. involvement in the United Nations. The draft order, “Auditing and Reducing U.S. Funding of International Organizations,” would terminate funding completely for any international organization that meets one or more of several criteria. The U.S. currently provides roughly a quarter of all

The Venezuelan President’s Cruel Fantasy World

David Paulin, A desperate regime goes into propaganda overdrive. What does Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro have in common with history’s worst leftist monsters? Like many narcissistic socialists before him – from Hitler and Stalin and Mao to Pol Pot and Castro and Kim Jong-un – Maduro is aloof to the suffering around him. He blames

As Socialism Shattered Venezuela, The Useful Idiots Applauded

Jeff Jacoby, When the Cold War ended 25 years ago, the Soviet Union vanished into the ash heap of history. That left the West’s “useful idiots” — Lenin’s term for the ideologues and toadies who could always be relied on to justify or praise whatever Moscow did — in search of other socialist thugs to

Drexel University Professor’s Christmas Wish: ‘All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide’

Warner Todd Huston, A professor at Philadelphia’s Drexel University has a heartwarming Christmas message: Associate Professor of Politics and Global Studies George Ciccariello-Maher is wishing for a “white genocide.” Taking to his Twitter account on Christmas eve, Ciccariello-Maher, himself a white man, tweeted, “All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide.” He later deleted the tweet.