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Foreign-Born Rockville Rape Suspect Could Gain Legal Status if Acquitted

Katie McHugh, The 17-year-old El Salvadoran suspect arrested after allegedly attacking a 14-year-old Rockville High School freshman in a boys’ bathroom could gain legal U.S. status if he beats the rape and sex offense charges, his attorney said. If Montano is acquitted, he “will have a chance to obtain legal residency,” his lawyer David Wooten

Rob Schneider to Democrats: ‘It’s Not Russia, It’s You’

Jerome Hudson, Actor-comedian Rob Schneider has a simple message for Democrats harping on about alleged connections between Trump campaign staff and the Russian government: It’s not them. It’s you. In a message posted to his Twitter page Wednesday, Schneider illustrated how U.S. voters had been rejecting Democrats and voting them out of power long before the 2016

Kucinich: I’m no fan of Trump’s but he’s got a point about wiretapping

Dennis Kucinich, President Trump’s assertion that his phones at Trump Tower were tapped last year has been treated as hilarious—and in some circles as beyond contempt. But I can vouch for the fact that extracurricular surveillance does occur, regardless of whether it is officially approved. I was wiretapped in 2011 after taking a phone call in my congressional

‘God Would Be Pleased’ with Trump’s Shift on DREAMers

Pam Key, Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” while discussing President-elect Donald Trump saying “We’re going to work something out that’s going to make people happy and proud,” on so called DREAMers, children brought into the U.S. illegally by their parents, the former Republican Governor of Florida and the Democratic Congressman-elect Charlie Crist said, “God would be

Away With the Manger?

Jerry Newcombe, Manger scenes were routinely shown in public places before the anti-Christian crusade that the Supreme Court unleashed, starting in the 1960s and 1970s, with its anti-God-in-public type of decisions. Subsequently, the Supreme Court ruled in Lynch v. Donnelly (1984) in a case out of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, that if a manger scene was

The Mad Search for Pro-Trump Columnists

Emmett Tyrrell, WASHINGTON — Over the weekend some pathetic wretch — obviously a casualty of the Nov. 8 election — writing under the pen name Paul Farhi filed a column in the Washington Post lamenting that after an extensive search of the newspapers of this great country, he could hardly find any pro-Trump columnists. Actually,

Pipeline Anarchy: Is this to be our future?

Paul Driessen,  Last week’s elections will soon end autocratic rule via executive fiat, the war on coal and hydrocarbons, IRS agents targeting opposition groups, government SWAT teams invading businesses and homes, and numerous other Abuses and Usurpations. In its place we’re getting leftist anarchy and riots – with mindless, incoherent radicals smashing Portland storefronts, beating

Andrew Breitbart: John Podesta is one of the biggest, most corrupt figures in Washington D.C

Charlie Spiering, In 2010, Andrew Breitbart recognized Clinton campaign chair John Podesta as one of the biggest, most corrupt figures in Washington D.C. “Fuck you John Podesta,” he told journalist Dave Weigel, who then wrote for Slate. “What’s in your closet, John Podesta? Big Podesta? Big Soros? Do you want us to play these games?

Donald Trump wins support from Native American coalition

Washington Times “One more organization to the has announced their support for Mr. Trump. A newly formed Native American Coalition is made up of members who hail from tribal organizations in 15 states and include both grass-roots leaders and elected officials. “The daily flood of new federal regulations keep Indian Country from becoming self-sufficient. Local

Hillary Clinton Would Ban ‘Some of the Most Popular’ Firearms in America

AWR Hawkins, A report by the Washington Times confirms Hillary Clinton would ban “some of the most popular” firearms in America if elected to the White House. Moreover, the report shows she would chip away at the Second Amendment with myriad new gun control laws and regulations. According to the Times, Clinton “reassures law-abiding Americans

9 Things You Need To Know About Illegal Immigration And Crime

Aaron Bandler, Illegal immigration and crime became a hot topic this election cycle as soon as Donald Trump burst into the Republican primary with his call to build a wall to keep criminal illegal aliens out of the country. Such policy discussions have fallen by the wayside as the election cycle morphed into a mudslinging fight of


WSJ: “He set a newly serious tone…His agenda for his first 100 days echoed proposals he has been touting on the campaign trail for months—tax cuts, a crackdown on illegal immigration and renegotiation of trade deals.” (WSJ, 10/22/16) Washington Times’ SA Miller: “Trump closing argument is battle cry against Clinton corruption” “Donald Trump called on