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How the Media Uses the anti-Netanyahu Playbook Against Trump

Daniel Greenfield, The latest news from Israel’s left-wing media outlets is that Ratan Tata, an Indian billionaire, testified to the Israeli police about Prime Minister Netanyahu. The story turned out to be fake news. And that’s true of most of their anti-Netanyahu hit pieces along with the police investigations that accompany them. But that doesn’t

Socialist Power Couple Under Investigation

Matthew Vadum, When leftists lawyer up. Feeling the prospective sting of accountability that socialist grifters rarely experience in their natural lives, Sen. Bernie Sanders is lashing out at those accusing his wife of an alleged financial fraud that caused Burlington College to collapse last year. Media reports also indicate prosecutors could be investigating the Independent

Michigan doctor, wife arrested for allegedly conspiring to perform female genital mutilation

Brooke Singman, A Michigan doctor and his wife were arrested and charged Friday morning for allegedly conspiring to perform female genital mutilation on minors, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Dr. Fakhruddin Attar and his wife, Farida Attar, were arrested just one week after officials arrested another Michigan-based doctor, Jumama Nagarwala, for performing FGM. Nagarwala

The Pence-Graham Rule

Cal Thomas, Millennials and others of a certain age have not lived in a time when fidelity was universally valued and mostly supported by culture — though sometimes hypocritically — and its opposite was roundly condemned. There was even a time when a divorced person could not expect to become president, though plenty of married

Palestinian TV: Don’t Beat Women… Too Hard

Daniel Greenfield, Islamist anti-Israel activist and Women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour has claimed that Zionist women can’t be feminists. I’ve questioned whether Islamists like her can be feminists. But here’s another question, can supporters of her Palestinian terror state which airs programs like this be feminists? Here, courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch, is the moderate liberal

The Leftist Attacks on Pence’s Moral Guidelines Are a Denial of Human Nature

Michael Brown, The left’s bizarre and almost hysterical reaction to Vice President Pence’s personal marital guidelines is not only totally off point. It actually misses the most essential point of all, namely, that it is Pence’s high esteem for women – specifically, the most important woman in his life, his own wife – that fuels