Trump Voters To Oscar Winners: Shut Up About Politics

Hank Berrien,

According to a Hollywood Reporter and National Research Group survey, the ratings for the Oscars will vary depending on how much actors focus on politics when they make their speeches.

The poll, conducted among 800 people, found two-thirds of Donald Trump supporters have turned off their TV sets because an actor waxed political, while only 19% of Hillary Clinton voters have done the same.

44% of Trump voters thought awards speeches were “too political,” but 43% of Clinton supporters want more political activism at the Oscars; 39% of Clinton voters want speeches foisted upon us regarding women’s rights, and 34% of Clinton voters want talk of Trump’s seven-nation travel ban.

68% of Trump voters said they “dislike” political speeches at the Oscars; only 23% of Clinton voters agreed.

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Wonder why . . .

79% of Clinton voters said they would watch the Oscars; 66% of Trump voters agreed.

For a truly comprehensive view of how disparate the two sides are, here’s a list of the top ten topics as desired by the voters in toto; 61% of Trump voters voted for “none of the above”:

  1. Trump’s temperament
  2. Women’s rights
  3. Refugees/Trump’s travel ban
  4. Funding for the arts
  5. Building a wall between the United States and Mexico
  6. LGBTQ rights
  7. Education policy
  8. Black Lives Matter
  9. Religious freedom
  10. Gun rights