Donald Trump Just Announced His Pick for Attorney General – Hillary’s Worst Nightmare!

Donald Trump has made yet another announcement that will dismay Democrats across the country, and that is his choice for Attorney General. Trump tweeted that his pick for Attorney General is South Carolina conservative Rep.

Trey Gowdy, who currently chairs the U.S. House of Representative’s Select Committee on Benghazi.

Gowdy has been a constant thorn in the Obama administration’s side, and has exposed the White House’s incompetence on everything from amnesty to IRS abuses to the illegal deletion of Clinton’s emails.


Trump’s tweet read, “@HillaryClinton’s toast. Dems had better get the”B Team” off the bench.

@TGowdySC for Attorney General under President Trump.” This tweet came right on the heels of an announcement that Trump would want Sarah Palin on his Cabinet.


@USARestoring: @HillaryClinton‘s toast. Dems had better get the”B Team” off the bench. @TGowdySC for Attorney General under President Trump

Trump is looking to build a team of influential conservative leaders who have fought against the liberals. He and Gowdy share the same no-nonsense style.

  • June Meek

    Go Trey Gowdy!!!

  • Augen

    Hot damn! Trey Gowdy is a brilliant selection. Oh yes!

  • YES… start looking at the Clinton Foundation , Mr. Gowdy.. it’s all there. All of it.

  • faxxmaxx

    This tweet was from last July

  • Marty Kirkpatrick


  • Johnny Thorne

    Gowdy is all talk, no action. Exactly what Trump does NOT want for his AG! No current tweets. It’s a fake story.

  • Aeffesstoo


  • SkippingDog

    Just one more reason he won’t be elected.

  • daPenguin

    far better he stays in the house!!!

    • Indiana Mike

      I disagree. Liberals will be scared scheitless of an AG that actually enforces Federal Law.

  • PaulS47

    Trey Gowdy’s questions to Director Comey indicate that he is a fine AG choice.

  • Rjack

    This may be shocking news for some democrats and republicans, but Trey Gowdy cannot be bought. Trump keeps picking some very good people to be in his team, get ready for a big shake up congress.

  • AlecJ

    Gowdy is a tool. If you notice, he always sounds tough but loses. He is a used to make you think the GOP is actually doing something….but it isnt.

    Also, when push comes to shove, Gowdy always bends over for the DC elitists and does what he is told. Typical phony GOP puppet.

    Im surprised how many are fooled by his performances. Follow up— nothing ever happens.

    • Bill the Cat

      Name someone who you think would be a better choice.

  • PursueJustice

    Trump has to win first. Half the country is still clueless about Hillary. They actually think she is qualified to be president. Obama lowered the bar so far that now people who should behind bars, are now able to win. People who are pathological liars can actually run. I would not be surprised if Charles Manson were to run and win the democratic nomination in the next election. Hillary demonstrates how far the American people have lost integrity and honesty. Can’t get much lower.

    • Bill the Cat

      Hillary has already lost, so, by default, Trump has won.