U.S. Foreign Policy Created Many More Terrorists Than It Killed

Washington’s Blog ,  The New Yorker reports:  ISIS is run by a council of former Iraqi generals, according to Hisham Alhashimi, an adviser to the Iraqi government and an expert on ISIS. Many are members of Saddam Hussein’s secular Baath Party who converted to radical Islam in American prisons. In other words, ISIS was created by not only […] Read More →

Voters reject the left’s empty ‘war on women’ rhetoric

 According to a new poll released on Thursday, just 22% of likely voters (less than the Democrat base) actually buy into the left’s relentless “war on women” talking point, invented to stifle dissent against limitless taxpayer-funded abortion, contraceptives, and other special treatment for feminists. The poll, conducted by Rasmussen, also finds that 59% flatly reject […] Read More →

Like Caffeine: It is the world’s most popular drug

 I am here to present the unpopular opinion that caffeine, the world’s most popular drug, is doing you more harm than good. Students chug their way through gallons of the stuff in futile attempts to stay alert through the next page of quantum mechanics or macroeconomics. We drink so much that the Beeston Sainsbury’s stock […] Read More →

The Warren Commission: 50th Anniversary

Larry Provost,  50 years ago this week, the Warren Commission concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald, acting alone, killed President John F. Kennedy. After years of controversy, the evidence is clear as to who killed President Kennedy. The real killer had well known movements but deviated from those movements in the day before the assassination. The […] Read More →

Doug Giles: 3 Mistakes Hannah Graham Made

 Hannah Graham is straight-A, a second year University of Virginia student who has been missing since September 13th,2014.  Typically, at this stage of the game it isn’t looking good for Hannah. Her parents, as you can imagine, are beyond crushed. As of yesterday, the police have issued a search warrant for Jesse Matthew, who cops […] Read More →

U.S.-led campaign of Air raids hit IS group in eastern Syria

 At least 10 airstrikes hit suspected Islamic State positions on Wednesday in an eastern Syrian town near the Iraqi border, activists said. It was not immediately clear who carried out the airstrikes in and around Boukamal, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. But the activist group cited locals as saying the intensity of […] Read More →

FACT CHECK: Obama’s UN speech spins statistics

 President Barack Obama glossed over some inconvenient truths Tuesday in his climate-change speech to the United Nations. For one, as the U.S. cleans up emissions at home, it’s sending dirty fuel abroad to pollute the same sky. As well, the U.S. is not cleaning up quite as aggressively as Obama implied in his remarks. Obama […] Read More →