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Are Gun Control Advocates Just Throwing Troll Bait Now?

Matt Vespa,   Gun control advocates lost at the federal level after the horrific Sandy Hook shooting. They’re now focusing at the state-level, trying to emulate the success of the gay marriage movement. Given that Republicans represent the most state legislatures since 1920 and two-thirds of the governorships, I doubt this shift will be successful. In essence, gun […] Continue reading →

Barney Frank: There Are Closeted Homosexuals in Congress

Truth Revolt | Trey Sanchez  “I have no demand that you become public.”  On Sunday’s State of the Union, former Democrat Congressman Barney Frank told CNN’s Gloria Borger that there are currently closeted homosexual members of Congress. Borger asked if he believes they have the right to remain in the closet. Frank answered in the affirmative, but under […] Continue reading →

Horrible News For Welfare Leeches and They’re Freaking Out About It

 Taxpayers in Maine recently received outstanding news concerning the ever-increasing drain on funds due to the rampant abuse of welfare programs such as food stamps. State Sen. Roger Katz introduced legislation that would effectively ban the purchase of sugary snacks and other junk foods from welfare leeches using the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program. A local […] Continue reading →

Time to Compromise With Campus Liberals

Mike Adams, Dear UNC Board of Governors: As you probably already know, Gabriel Lugo is president of the faculty senate at UNCW, which stands for The University of North Carolina for Whining Liberals. As faculty senate president, it is his job to use his office to campaign against Republican legislation and pretend he is a […] Continue reading →

America is Screwed Unless ‘We The People’ Get Baptized Afresh In Our Founders’ Rebel Spirit

Doug Giles,   For those who didn’t know this, our nation was founded by brilliant, freedom-loving heavy weights. It’s hard to imagine that nowadays because our country is currently being deconstructed by moronic, liberty-choking, light weights also known as “politicians”. In particular…Liberal politicians. Liberals, you see, don’t mind what you do as long as they approve. […] Continue reading →

Soros-funded Media Matters Attacks O’Reilly for Exposing “Puppet Master” George Soros

Host claimed billionaire philanthropist has “his tentacles into political organizations” White House front group Media Matters labeled Fox News host Bill O’Reilly a racist anti-semite after he criticized billionaire philanthropist George Soros, who incidentally provides funding and support for the leftist organization. Yesterday, the progressive media watchdog accused O’Reilly of employing “Anti-semitic Tropes” when he […] Continue reading →

Are Liberal Policies Squeezing the Middle Class?

John C. Goodman,  President Obama’s concern about “middle class economics” is justified. But as I pointed out in a previous post, his prescriptions would do almost nothing to solve the problems. According to a private sector estimate, the benefit for families in the middle from all of the Obama proposals would be a paltry $12 […] Continue reading →

Keystone Kops Government

Victor Davis Hanson,  What has gone wrong with the U.S. government in the past month? Just about everything, from the fundamental to the ridiculous. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the United States to warn Congress about the dangers of a nuclear Iran. He spoke without the invitation of an irritated President Obama, who claimed […] Continue reading →