Have Catholics Finally Had Enough?

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 Now that Barack Obama has taken off his mask and revealed himself to be the vicious Catholic hater he truly is, will the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) finally make the U turn those of us in the pews on Sundays have been waiting for?

Starting in the 1930s, the American Catholic Church has been moved further and further to the left by Her Democrat allies.  In some instances, the Church was lied to by these people; but in others, She was a willing participant in the move. The implied mantra has been “Being a good Catholic means being a good Democrat.” This intertwining of Church and Democrat politics has grown at a quickening pace over the past twenty five years.

When Barack Obama came on the scene, rank-and-file Catholics were split over whether to support him. On one hand, he is a Democrat; but on the other, churchgoing Catholics didn’t quite know what the Catholic hierarchy saw when they looked at Obama. Many of us saw an enemy with the blood of innocent aborted babies dripping  from his fingers.

When the question of whether to support Obamacare came up, Catholic bishops stood by and watched a band of demented nuns traveling the country to support the “free healthcare that would never force Catholics to commit abortions or provide contraceptive coverage.”  Bishops said nothing as these clowns helped seal the fate of untold numbers of  babies, and they were very wrong.

Now Obama has spit in the eyes of adherent Catholics, the ones who fill the pews and pay the bills of their parishes and dioceses. The Department of Justice has indicated it will fight to force an Order of Nuns to pay for contraceptive devices for its employees. Obama has shown himself to be our enemy. The people in the pews know this; but the Bishops have yet to recognize they are now in an “either/or” situation. Either they support Catholic values, and thereby end their alliance with the Democrats who are the Party of death; or they lose the people in the pews.

Regardless of what the media tries to get us to believe, adherent Catholics, the ones who actually show up on Sundays, do not vote Democrat.

It’s your move, Bishop; have you finally had enough, or will you continue to lend the weight of your office to the Party of Death?