‘Not Funny’ Griffin Gets Trumped (And It Is Spectacular!)

Arthur Schaper,

It wasn’t always bad for her. She was a D-list self-parody. Sorry if I repeated myself. Liberals in general have become laughingstocks wherever they protest. La Raza Nativists who denounce me because I’m white then tell me “There’s no such thing as reverse racism.” The climate alarmists have gone into orbit over Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement. Really? Yes, they think the world is going to end, when in reality this pull-out is good news for America and for the world. If the Australian government could call out climate alarmism for what it is—horse hockey—so can we.

But back to Kathy Griffin. Decades ago, Griffin actually was funny. When she spent more time mocking herself and her small-time status, she was actually pretty amusing.

Cue Seinfeld. Ding Diggie Doom Doo! “Jerry! Jerry!”

In one episode, “The Doll”, Griffin—playing Sally Weaver, a friend of George’s long-time girlfriend who dies from licking envelopes-throws off Jerry’s comedy routine. The comedian wanted to do a bit on this creepy doll that looks just like George Costanza’s wizened, nagging mother. Of course, Griffin brings him an Italian chef doll instead. About the other doll, Weaver says “Not funny!” In another episode, Griffin brings other dolls to her own comedy routine, complete with irate messages left by Jerry Seinfeld. She plays to packed houses, while Jerry gets routinely mocked just for sitting in the audience.

A small-time character actress playing quirky bit parts, Griffin found her niche. She should have stuck with that shtick. After all, when Saturday night comedy shows make fun of you for being famous—because you’re not famous—you know you have your low. In 2007, Ms. D-List actually won an award: the D-List of awards, the Daytime Emmy. She won something by making fun of herself. But she went full self-righteous narcissist. “Jesus had nothing to do with this! Suck it Jesus, this award is my God now!” That wasn’t funny. She lost her “persona” right there. Not only that, but what she took pride in, did not merit such haughty self-promotion.

griffin_small 'Not Funny' Griffin Gets Trumped (And It Is Spectacular!) Politics

At that point, Griffin wasn’t funny anymore. She sounded tired and bitter. Perhaps she should have done stand-up focusing on why they don’t call Ovaltine “Round-tine”.

After all, the cup’s round, the container is round … (hat tip once again, Jerry!) Her bitterness overtook her humor within a few short years. To get back into the limelight, riding the Coastal liberal hatred of Donald Trump, Griffin posted a photo shoot with a severed head of Trump, as she stood with a blank look on her face in a plain blue dress.

The outrage was palpable. In fact, such a gruesome scene should make no one laugh.

Sorry, Kathy: Not funny!

Putting aside the moral opprobrium, why was this shocking photo shoot a dud?

1. The whole scene is based on the totalitarian Islamic regime’s methods for the execution of Christians, Yazidis, and Muslims. Such subject matter is not funny—unless a comedian is mocking the Satanic malefactors. I don’t recall comedians making jokes about Nazis killing innocent Americans during World War II.

Jerry Lewis did produce a film “The Day the Clown Cried.” The main character humors kids to enter the gas chambers. Not funny, in bad taste. To his credit, Lewis insisted that the film not be released in his lifetime. Good comedians (not Griffin)(know when) they’ve crossed the line. when they fail, they admit overstepping the lines of decency and make amends as best as they can.

2. By releasing the picture of a bloody head representing the President, Griffin skirted, if not crossed, the fine line of the First Amendment. Did she want to incite violence? Does she want people to kill the President? The fact that ethical questions come into play sucks away all the humor.

3. The American people like Trump. Comedians depends on them for laughs. Attacking their values will not win you laughs or followers. Wanda Sykes learned that lesson the hard way in Boston: don’t blast President Trump with unjustified hate—or with tired unfunny tirades. “Slaughtering” the president in such hideous fashion is a direct affront to the millions of voters who wanted him to clean up Obama’s mess.

4. Her wicked picture gave First Son Barron Trump nightmares. Torturing kids is not funny. Period.

Now the good news: the consequences for Griffin’s unfunny faux pas were immediate. CNN fired her from the upcoming New YEar’s Eve special with Anderson Cooper. CNN got it half-right. They should have fired Cooper, too, since he peddles fake news with his own sick veneer of vulgar humor. Griffin’s crappy photo-shoot flushed her deal with Squatty Potty, too. Who would have thought this D-List comedian would lose the potty contracts for something else besides her potty mouth.

Griffin was overwhelmed by all this bad press. Friday morning, Griffin hosted a press conference and admitted that she was wrong. “I went too far. I’m so sorry.” And the Oscar goes to … not her. Another shoddy performance, as she turned around and blamed Trump and his family for costing her contacts and her career.

Not funny, Kathy, and not true either.

She knew what she was doing from set up to photo shoot to distribution. She wants the President dead. Her lack of talent and common decency is costing her, as it should. The Hollywood, Crony-Washington Left cannot believe this is real: there are consequences for hateful, abusive actions.

God bless President Trump for having the courage to call out Griffin’s tasteless attack. His very presence in the White House has triggered these hateful leftists so badly, that now they are killing themselves off. Our President: he never stops fighting for us.

“He broke me!” she whines. Now that is funny! It’s gold, Griffin, solid gold! I’m so glad that these hateful, unfunny comics are getting theirs. Kathy, your downfall is real, and it is spectacular!

  • Dr Studebaker

    Actually Through Your Blind Hate filled Rage You broke Yourself You OWN IT ! Something the left never Admits