Phil Robertson on Miley Cyrus, Transgender Bathrooms and Hollywood ‘Sinners,’ Backs Trump

Paul Bond,

“We’re killing babies in their mother’s womb now,” the A&E star tells THR. “You were in your mother’s womb, dude. If someone went in there and threw this future reporter away, you wouldn’t be talking to me, so give me a break.”

Phil Robertson, the 70-year-old patriarch of A&E’s Duck Dynasty, stars in a Citizens United documentary called Torchbearer, which screens at the Cannes Film Festival this week. He (briefly) spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the film (trailer below), as well as transgender bathrooms, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and, of course, the infamous GQ interview that got him briefly suspended from his own TV show a few years ago.

Besides making a movie for Citizens United, you’re helping raise money for them via an email sent to conservatives that speaks of transgender bathrooms?


They just wanted me to speak my mind. Common sense tells you, you have a man in a bathroom, and the women have theirs, and they have their little daughters in there. Things have gone real well operating under that arrangement.

So you don’t like President Obama’s recent declaration that schoolchildren should use whatever bathroom they identify with?

There’s been a lot of decrees in the past five years that I don’t agree with, and that’s just one of them. I don’t know what percent of Americans are confused about whether they are male or female, but I’m a Bible man with common sense, and logic tells me you’re either a boy or a girl, absent a few medical aberrations.

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 Watch the Trailer for Torchbearer:

  • Sonya Blade

    Hypocrite. You can’t be a “bible man” and vote for Donald Trump. You’ve just negated your position as a conservative. Maybe you never were…..