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Harry Truman

Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy?

Avi Berkowitz, “Seventy years of post-war diplomacy ruined” is the consensus establishment view of Donald Trump’s America First foreign policy.  And it is true.  But Donald Trump is not the first president in postwar America to rattle the iron cage of establishment diplomacy.  That honor goes to Harry Truman, who ruined Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s vision of the postwar

Some Christmastime advice for pundits and partisans

Michael Barone, Now that the 538 electors have voted, and with only the most minor of exceptions for the expected candidates, it’s still in order to marvel at how such a huge difference in public policies can be made by just a few votes — the 77,744 votes by which Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton

Election 2016: Winning Versus Leading

Jackie Gingrich Cushman,  Labor Day has passed, school is back in session, businesses are planning for the new year, presidential nominees are set, and it’s time for the presidential candidates to sprint to the end. With two months to go, every move becomes more important and every error more painful for Hillary Clinton and Donald

Why Trump Should Win #AmericaFirst

John P. Warren,  Right under our noses, the unthinkable happened to both major political parties at the same time: they were hijacked. By populists. Common threads tie all of history’s political renegades, but 2016 is the first time the establishment of each party was shaken to its core. Kudos to Republicans for surviving its internal

Obama undermines America’s resolve as 9/11 is all but forgotten

Michael Goodwin,  It was a day like no other. A beautiful September morning transformed into horror and death, with nearly 3,000 innocents murdered for the crime of living and working in America. We promised ourselves and each other we would never forget. Memorials to the heroic firefighters invariably echo that defiant pledge: Never Forget. They

A Terrible Weapon That Achieved Much Good

Jeff Jacoby, EVEN AFTER seven decades, the American bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki generates controversy. President Obama’s planned visit to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial next week is sure to revive once more the debate over Harry Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bombs that destroyed the two Japanese cities, killing 200,000 people and forcing Japan’s

The media may still be wrong about Donald Trump and the movement he leads

Keith C. Burris,  Stumped by Trump. It is time for most of the political journalists of America to rethink their view of Donald Trump. Myself included. The media narrative on Mr. Trump has come in three stages — all while covering him like a four-alarm fire. The first was to treat Mr. Trump as a joke,

Bobby Knight Endorses Donald Trump: ˜There Has Never Been a More Honest Politician’

“You folks are taking a look at the most prepared man in history to step in as President of the United States, that man right there,” Knight said of Trump.“There has never been a presidential candidate prepared to the length that this man is.” Knight asked all former military members stand up and be recognized.