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Surprisingly, Republicans and Conservatives Shouldn’t Fear a National Popular Vote

Rachel Alexander, Republicans are hesitant to switch from our winner-take-all state laws allocating electors to the electoral college to using the National Popular Vote. The National Popular Vote Plan would award all of a state’s electors to the candidate who wins the most popular votes in all 50 states. There is a fear that such

Giving Thanks is Good for You

Jackie Gingrich Cushman, Thanksgiving began in 1621 when the Pilgrims invited the Wampanoag Indians to join them in celebration of the fall harvest. The Pilgrims had fled religious persecution in England a year earlier and had lost many of their group during the travels overseas and subsequent harsh winter. After harvest, they paused to thank

What causes bacterial vaginosis

Women at any age can have Bacterial vaginosis or “BV” – even occasional teens and women who have never been sexually active. However it is much more common among girls and women who have had sex with one or more partners. What causes bacterial vaginosis? Bacterial vaginosis or “BV” is a vaginal infection caused by