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When Being Called ‘Evil’ Is a Kindness

Matt Barber,  Princeton University was founded in 1746 by devoutly Christian men with a devoutly Christian mission. It has “evolved” into a fortress of secular-“progressivism,” presently employing people like Bio- “Ethics” professor Peter Singer. Whereas Princeton’s crest and motto yet declare: “Dei sub numine viget,” Latin for “Under God she flourishes,” the university, even still, […] Continue reading →

Ebony Magazine and Black Violence

By Colin Flaherty White liberals may deny black mob violence but many black people are way past that: Today, its all about white racism. Ebony magazine’s latest issue is a good example of that. Ebony is upset that some are trying to score political points from the recent shooting of 13 people on a Chicago […] Continue reading →

Gov. Rick Snyder - The one who would Reinvent Detroit ?

The one who wouldreinvent Detroit
George Will This city is the broken tooth in Michigan’s smile. Nevertheless, the preternaturally optimistic governor, from whom never is heard a discouraging word, cheerfully describes his recent foray with a crew cleaning up a park in a particularly, well, challenging neighborhood: The weeds, says Gov. Rick Snyder, were so tall you could not see the sidewalks, or even […] Continue reading →