Poll: Over 71% of Americans Think Obama is a Liar (Read This)

Everything is coming apart for Barack Obama. His lies about Obamacare might even cost him the presidency as everyone is turning on him.

Even the liberal media continues to hammer him for his constant lies, scandals, and general incompetence. He’s the “laughing stock” president.


A new poll shows exactly what’s happening: Over 71% of Americans think Obama lied about Obamacare. His legacy will be nothing more than failure and lies.

Here’s a quote from the Washington Examiner:

A new poll finds that most Americans believe that President Obama and his health care team knew well in advance that insurance costs would surge despite his promises they wouldn’t, and as a result 40 percent want Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to retire or be fired.

Rasmussen Reports found that 71 percent of voters believe “it’s at least somewhat likely that President Obama or senior officials in his administration were aware long before the law began being implemented that health insurance costs would go up for some Americans.”

Worse for the president: Only 18 percent want Obamacare to move on unchanged, while 43 percent want it repealed and the process started over and another 35 percent want Congress to fix it in a piecemeal fashion.

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The small minority of people who don’t think he lied most likely don’t even know what’s going on. Let’s reach them with the truth.


Obamacare Navigators Can LEGALLY Tell People to Vote Democrat

Obamacare uses a vast army of “navigators” to get people to sign up for Obamacare… and they’re LEGALLY able to tell people to vote Democrat. Please SHARE this. Obamacare was never about healthcare… it’s about control and buying votes. This is why Obamacare shouldn’t just be temporarily delayed… it must be permanently defeated. Over the next few months, Democrats will likely try to get a delay of Obamacare. They must be stopped. Delaying Obamacare is still a massive blow to the economy and a massive “buy” of votes for the Democrats. We must REPEAL Obamacare.

Here’s what The Blaze reported:

Could Obamacare be the biggest voter registration fraud scheme in the history of the world?

This is the bombshell assessment of a pair of conservative activists: Gregg Phillips, founder of Voters Trust, and Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote. Both groups are conservative nonprofits focused on election integrity.

What helped Phillips and Engelbrecht draw this conclusion is almost as amazing as the conclusion itself: Left-wing groups and media have for some time been openly discussing Obamacare as a vehicle for so-called Motor Voter registration. Motor Voter is the law that makes voter registration a part of driver’s license applications. In fact, the 1993 law also requires any government office that provides “public assistance” to make voter registration part of the process. Since many applicants applying for coverage in the Obamacare “insurance marketplace” – the infamously malfunctioning healthcare.gov website – will be eligible for Medicaid (public assistance), not “Marketplace coverage,” voter registration by law must be part of the available health insurance package.

Presto – 68 million voters, registered with the help of Obamacare “navigators.” Wanna bet whether these new voters will trend Democrat or Republican?

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