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Eric Cantor ducks on PRISM

Politico – by Tal Kopan House Majority Leader Eric Cantor on Monday wouldn’t say whether he knew about the National Security Agency’s PRISM surveillance system , noting there are a number of classified programs the government uses. Asked by “CBS This Morning” host Norah O’Donnell whether he knew about PRISM before the disclosures, the No. […] Continue reading →

A Disengaged President

There has been a strange turn of events in the last few weeks as we have learned more about the political and personal isolation the president has created for himself. In Bob Woodward’s latest book, The Price of Politics, Woodward describes a president antagonistic to his opponents to a toxic degree, one who has distanced […] Continue reading →

Lowlife Harry Reid Should Resign

Let’s play Imagine an Alternative Universe . Suppose that Rep. Paul Ryan had said that Joe Biden had “sullied the religion that he and I share.” How many days of the news cycle do you suppose would be dominated by the story? How many Democrats and members of the press would declare that this kind […] Continue reading →