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Reagan vs. Obama: It’s not even close

Sierra Rayne As evidenced by the troubled thoughts of delusional liberals on the American Thinker site, many on the left seem to be confused about history — and particularly the Reagan years.  A comparison between Reagan and Obama seems in order. We’ll start with an electoral analysis. Reagan won the 1980 election by 10 percentage […] Continue reading →

Florida governor plans to resume voter purge effort

Florida Governor Rick Scott is planning a new effort to purge non-U.S. citizens from the state’s voter rolls, a move that last year prompted a series of legal challenges and claims from critics his administration was trying to intimidate minority voters. Voter protection groups identified a number of errors in the state’s attempt to identify […] Continue reading →

Lies, damn lies, and America’s astonishingly partisan, corrupt media

The disgracefully slanted coverage of the trial of George Zimmerman is only the latest, prominent example of liberal media bias. Since the 2012 presidential election, America’s national media hasn’t let up. It’s pushing harder on its pro-liberal Democrat and anti-conservative Republican slant. Consider Obamacare. In recent days, organized labor turned harshly and vocally against the […] Continue reading →

Egypt on Verge of Civil War – Putin

Egypt is on the verge of a civil war, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday as tensions continued to escalate in the North African country between the supporters and opponents of deposed Islamist President Mohamed Morsi. “Syria is already engulfed in a civil war and, no matter how sad it may sound, Egypt is […] Continue reading →

Time caught up with the Voting Rights Act

By: George Will “But history did not end in 1965.”– Chief Justice John Roberts on Tuesday WASHINGTON — Progressives resent progress when it renders anachronistic once-valid reasons for enlarging the federal government’s supervisory and coercive powers. Hence they regret Tuesday’s Supreme Court ruling that progress has rendered Section 4 of the 1965 Voting Rights Act […] Continue reading →

Thousands pray for US at 'America for Jesus' rally

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Thousands of conservative Christians gathered on Independence Mall in Philadelphia to pray for the future of the United States in the weeks before the presidential election. Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson and Family Research Council president Tony Perkins topped a full day of speakers Saturday at “The America for Jesus 2012″ prayer rally. […] Continue reading →

Outnumbered: Presidential Voters Exceeded Full-time Workers by 14 Million

In November 2008, the Americans who turned out to vote in the presidential election outnumbered the Americans who turned out to work full-time by more than 14 million. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 118,423,000 Americans worked full-time in November 2008. According to the University of California at Santa Barbara’s American Presidency Project, […] Continue reading →

To Defend Obama, U.S. Media Goes Global

Yesterday, I wrote about how the liberal establishment’s ignorance of Israeli politics and history has severely hampered their ability understand the words and actions of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, resulting in some serious and unfounded accusations against him that he’s trying to meddle in the American presidential election. David Frum points readers to a […] Continue reading →