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Human Sex Trafficking of US Minors (Part 1)

Chuck Norris,   Reuters reported last week, “Some 30 million people are enslaved worldwide, trafficked into brothels, forced into manual labour, victims of debt bondage or even born into servitude.” A percentage is represented in all 162 countries, with almost half being in India. And many would be surprised to discover that the U.S. sexual […] Continue reading →

Late-term Abortion Ban Is Worthy GOP Goal

In a poll done by Gallup earlier this year, the biggest complaint lodged against the Republican Party was “inability to compromise.” When I read the daily headlines, I see this theme continue. Republicans, particularly tea party Republicans, are portrayed as obstructionist, extreme, unreasonable, and unwilling to compromise. But let’s get perspective. If we are talking […] Continue reading →

Walter E. Williams: Black Self-Sabotage

If we put ourselves into the shoes of racists who seek to sabotage black upward mobility, we couldn’t develop a more effective agenda than that followed by civil rights organizations, black politicians, academics, liberals and the news media. Let’s look at it. First, weaken the black family, but don’t blame it on individual choices. You […] Continue reading →

An Immigrant’s View of Racism in America

Nonie Darwish Many neighborhoods in Los Angeles are neither majority black nor whites, but mostly Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, with both blacks and whites are becoming less and less visible. Many mainstream supermarkets are going out of business only to be replaced by ethnic supermarkets with Arabic or Hispanic music blasting while one shops, catering […] Continue reading →

Self-Persecuting Christians

After church a few months back, a friend told me he was headed out to Brooklyn to march in a protest by inner-city Christians who were no longer able to meet in their local school. The borough council had deemed it improper for a faith-based group to assemble on government property. I couldn’t help but […] Continue reading →