Ted Cruz Allegedly RIGGED Voting Machines And STOLE Votes From Trump!


Will the madness, when it comes to Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, EVER come to an end? In the latest epic display of stupidity that this Republican campaign is boiling itself down into, we now have Ted Cruz accused of cheating. Not on his wife this time, but rather Cheeseheads everywhere.

That’s right. He is accused of rigging voting machines in Wisconsin to switch votes from Trump to himself.

Can’t you just see it now? Cloaked in darkness, Senator “Lyin’” Ted Cruz, when he  it isn’t “cheating” on his wife (all sarcasm fully intended), is running around all of the Wisconsin polling places in the middle of the night and reprogramming them to make a  voting switcheroo. He and his Cruz minions.


Well, former Trump adviser, Roger Stone, is gonna set up a network of volunteers to investigate the fraud. Hahaha! Yeah, Stone, implicated in the Bush TANG memos, and yucking it up with Alex Jones about Scalia maybe having been murdered…by a hooker—that guy. Not to mention the brouhaha of the whole Cruz cheating scandal.

Whether you are for Trump or not, Cruz or not, or even bizarrely for Kasich or not, you have to admit that this kind of idiocy plays to the folks among us who are an embarrassment to the party.

Let’s get back to the business at hand and talk substance, policy, taxes, war, and not retarded National Enquirer articles or idiocy like vote machine rigging.  LAME.

h/t: Yes Im Right


  • OBX47

    It is easy to believe anything about Cruz. It is obvious that he is ferociously ambitious and will do anything to gain power. He had his people lie about Carson getting out of the race. He used his poor little girls in a gross Xmas political ad where they were spouting all sorts of political crap and then when people responded, he acted like he had nothing to do with why people were calling him out on his ad. I do and will continue to believe anything I hear about this man; where there is smoke, there is fire. He is the sleaziest and slimiest candidate we have seen in decades.