Ted Cruz, Fiorina, Romney Hit PACs Same Address, Same Bush Operatives

Cruz, Fiorina, Romney All Bush Establishment Tools – Hit PACs Money Trail

On July 31st the Washington Post reported on a strange transaction that went without explanation by those on both ends. “A super PAC supporting former tech executive Carly Fiorina’s run reported raising $3.5 million — with a half-million dollar lift from a super PAC supporting GOP presidential rival Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.). The pro-Cruz PAC, Keep the Promise I, reported the disbursement Friday in a document filed with the Federal Election Commission. That is…unusual, to say the least.”



Yes it is, quite unusual, and while speculation is surrounding the recent reports of Cruz being quite the ladies’ man, as in at least five, among those rumored to be an upper tier Fiorina operative, another, more sinister explanation seems just as plausible. For that matter, one doesn’t necessarily discount the other; both could be true.

The crowded field of candidates was populated by multiple operatives all working for the same establishment shadow oligarchy so that no matter what happened, their power structure would remain intact and in control. Two of those candidates are Cruz and Fiorina, the giver and the receiver of the $500K.  Their PACs were working towards a common interest as early as June 2015, though it just as likely to have been the case since their inception.




It does lead one wonder about Cruz’ fellow Texan, Bilderberg speaker and Bush family intimate, former Lieutenant Governor under George W. Bush, Rick Perry.  Perry, as has Fiorina, has been prominent in his support of Cruz since shortly after he dropped out of the race. How many candidates were they throwing at the wall to see which one they could get to stick? The united front of the establishment Bush family machine is becoming increasingly apparent.

Ted Cruz claims to have known nothing about the actions of the Mitt Romney anti-Trump Super Pac that ran the hit piece against Melania Trump, a lie that only the most naïve and numb of skull would believe. The PO Box of the Mitt Romney-allied anti-Trump PAC, Make America Awesome Again, is the same as that of the Carly Fiorina Super PAC that received the $500,000 last summer. Clearly they’re all part of the same organization, and it’s unlikely that half a million dollars would travel out of the Cruz operation without him knowing about it; campaign finance rules were made to be broken.

We must also stretch credibility to think that the Romney people never discussed what was coming up in Utah with the Cruz people in the days ahead of the Make America Awesome attack. Super PACs create deniability, the plausibility of which is determined by the recipient. Fiorina, for all of her talk of honest government and a need to return the people to control is now clearly exposed as a Bush establishment shill. Her objective now may be to work off that $500k debt by pimping herself to Ted Cruz and the Bushes.

Cruz supporters, many of whom pride themselves on their patriotism, are truly being taken for a ride by the Bush machine and their shyster candidate. They may or may not recognize that Cruz is simply Jeb Bush by another name, a longtime family employee doing his job in the furtherance of Daddy Bush’s glorious New World Order. Some will refuse to believe what their “lying eyes” are telling them about lyin Ted and his assault on America because it is too offensive to “possibly be true.” They will stick to the lame argument that Cruz didn’t know what the PAC was doing on his behalf. Half a million dollars doesn’t leave the Cruz arsenal and enter the Fiorina coffers without communication. The fact that they work out of the same office is proof they are two heads of the same Hydra.

Like they always say, follow the money. Noting the PO Box is part of marking the trail. So much for that false “outsider” narrative, Cruz is a Bush insider, as strong as they come, now operating in the glare of the spotlight.