The truth about the CIA and the covert war at home and abroad

Daniel Greenfield,

President Trump Saves a CIA Agent.

Last month, President Trump stood in front of the CIA Memorial Wall and declared that Islamic terrorism “has to be eradicated just off the face of the Earth.” It is front of this wall where, as Vice President Pence said, “we remember 117 who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom”, that real change in how we treat those who fight terrorism must begin.

The vast majority of the men and women added to that wall in the last few decades were killed by Islamic terrorists. They include Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods who were murdered in Benghazi. And who were abandoned by their government, by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, before their deaths.

The media made much of the resignation of Edward Price. Price had started out as an analyst under Bush. Under Obama, he shot up to spokesman, senior director and special assistant to the president. In this capacity, he insisted that the CIA should research Global Warming and sold the Iran nuke sellout.

Price’s resignation was meaningless. He was an Obama loyalist embedded in a senior national security position to push propaganda. And now there was no future under Trump for his old line of work.

But the media wept crocodile tears for the “career CIA official” whose work involved endangering national security and manipulating the media. It has shown distinctly less interest in the plight of a CIA agent who actually took risks on the ground to secure the capture of Islamic terrorists.

While the media portrays the White House as being at war with the CIA, the Trump administration prevented the extradition and imprisonment of Sabrina De Sousa. De Sousa was in the airport about to be extradited to Italy, but an agreement was reached to release her instead.

“I can confirm that this wouldn’t have happened without extraordinary help from the Trump administration,” Former Rep. Pete Hoekstra said.

De Sousa had been working a secretary in the United States Embassy in Rome. She is allegedly one of a number of CIA people accused by Italy of having helped capture a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s murderous organization, al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya or the Islamic Group, led by the Blind Sheikh who was involved in the World Trade Center bombing and plots to bomb landmarks across New York City.

Considering the leftist slant and general incompetence of Italy’s legal system, it is not clear if Sabrina De Sousa was even involved in the operation. Furthermore the United States government’s position is that De Sousa’s job at our embassy made her arrest a violation of international agreements. Italy convicted 26 Americans in absentia. These convictions are worthless here, but Sabrina De Sousa found herself under arrest while flying to visit her sick mother. 

The Democrats and the media, who of late have strived to portray themselves as the defenders of the intelligence community, have no interest in the case. If anything they are covertly cheering it on.

Ever since 9/11, they declared war on the CIA personnel who were capturing and interrogating the terrorists. They have targeted them and exposed them to aid the Islamic terrorists at war with us. The left bemoans the Obama loyalists elevated to top national security posts while writing off the lives of the men and women on the ground. That is what happened in Benghazi and across the War on Terror.

The Democrats have recently learned to love the CIA, as they attempt to exploit anti-American leftists planted in the Agency in their war against the democratically elected President of the United States.

But their sudden respect for the CIA is a very recent one.

Early in Obama’s term in office, Democrats tried to threaten CIA interrogators with 15 years in prison if they interrogated Muslim terrorists too harshly. A year earlier, Attorney General Eric Holder had named a prosecutor to investigate the CIA’s interrogation of Islamic terrorists. The investigation, with its efforts to bring criminal charges, dragged on through much of Obama’s first term, without yielding anything.

But the Democrats were still determined to punish the men and women who had kept us safe. The release of the partisan Senate report two years later, not only endangered American lives and smeared the CIA wholesale, but allowed the families of terrorists to target assorted personnel, including the psychologists who had worked with the CIA on the interrogation program, for lawfare campaigns. 

Obama’s own CIA director had charged Democrat Senate committee members with stealing sensitive documents. The names of these psychologists had been leaked through a Senate report which had used the names and pseudonyms of CIA officials. Even the pseudonyms could be used to identify CIA people. 

Among their top targets was the CIA official who was the inspiration for Zero Dark Thirty’s Maya whose real life counterpart headed the Global Jihad Unit.  Despite every effort by the CIA, the media insisted on publishing her name. Taking the lead in this illegal act was the Washington Post.  “Maya’s” name still appears on the website a top Senator Democrat who had called for a special investigation into the Valerie Plame affair. Indeed the media had recreated a real life version of the Plame affair except this time, unlike Plame, their target was actually hunting Islamic terrorists in trouble spots.

And, equally predictably, no one in the media or among the Democrats went to jail for it.

Indeed the media had developed a habit of naming CIA personnel against their protests and those of the Agency. The New York Times named the interrogator of the mastermind of the September 11 attacks. But the media was just acting as the distributors for intelligence gained from the leftist activist tip of the spear, from 9/11 Truthers to the ACLU’s John Adams Project whose lawyers allegedly took photos of interrogators and showed them to terrorists. 

The left has been at war with the men and women working secretly to protect us from Islamic terror. They have filled the upper echelons of the national security infrastructure with their own people. It is these activists who are doing everything possible to sabotage President Trump to aid the terrorists.

Under Obama, the men and women on the ground were sold out, exposed to political, legal and violent retribution by the enemies of this country. It is time to end all that. The people working to hunt down terrorists, to interrogate them and bring them to justice, must know that their government has their back. Obama’s first executive orders began the process of favoring terrorists over interrogators. Trump’s first executive orders have put power back in the hands of those protecting us from terror. That process must continue until all our people, from the border patrol to the beat cop, from the covert operative shadowing a terrorist to the drone operator, knows that they can do their job without fear of the left.

National security is not just a phrase. It’s people. And those people must know that their country will stand behind them. 

In the Vietnam War, the left’s worst crime wasn’t treason; it was driving a wedge between the country and those fighting for it. By targeting police, border patrol and CIA personnel, Obama repeated that crime. Now as President Trump fights to take back this country from drug dealers, illegal aliens and terrorists, and their leftist allies, those fighting for us know that we stand behind them.