Trump is winning. Leading Democrats “Freaked Out”

They are “freaked out.” So says a report out of The Hill today as Democrats, upon seeing a slew of polling data showing Donald Trump enjoying a significant bump following his own GOP convention, has pulled ahead of Hillary Clinton in national polls as well as competing in states Democrats have not had to fight for in a national election for decades.

“It shouldn’t be this close. I don’t think there’s any question that the closeness of this race is cause for everybody to concern himself and recommit themselves to this campaign.” That is from Democrat Congressman Emanuel Cleaver of Montana. When Democrats are calling for people to recommit to Hillary’s campaign in August of 2016, you know there’s serious trouble in Democrat-paradise.

Interestingly, the race actually isn’t nearly as close as many projected it would be by this time. A more accurate description would be that Trump is winning, and for now, clearly has momentum on his side.

This winning momentum is further evidenced by recent polling in both Florida and Pennsylvania, two states that Barack Obama took during the last two election cycles. Trump has placed those critical states back in play for Republicans, and internal polling suggests that again, momentum is favoring him in both states, a fact that will require Team Clinton to spend millions more trying to capture that which they felt certain to win just a few months earlier.

Further worsening the Trump Bump fears is the even more recent revelations concerning how the DNC conspired during the primary elections to defeat Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton. Trump has made repeated overtures to disgruntled Sanders voters, noting how he too had to do battle with a corrupt political system run by party bosses that too often neglects the will of the people.

If just 20% of Sanders voters decide to get behind the insurgent Trump campaign, it could spell doom for Hillary Clinton and perhaps many more Democrats up for election as well.

Perhaps this should be the new theme song for Democrats in 2016:

  • magic1114

    I find it interesting that there’s really no panic in the White House. Is there something going on behind the scenes? Something like maybe Obama planning on sticking around by drumming up some kind of emergency that would allow him to cancel the election?