Donald Trump: ˜Newt Gingrich Is Going to Be Involved with Our Government’

Alex Swoyer,

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s supporters began chanting “Newt, Newt, Newt” when the topic of a vice president came up during Trump’s speech at his campaign rally in Cincinnati, Ohio on Wednesday night.

“I like that too. We like Newt,” Trump responded to the chanting crowd.

Newt Gingrich, who was at the rally with Trump, has been rumored to be one of the top picks for Trump’s running mate.

“Newt has been my friend for a long time and I’m not saying anything…but I can tell you in one form or another, Newt Gingrich is going to be involved with our government, that I can tell you,” Trump told his supporters. “Newt is going to be involved.”

trumpnewt_small Donald Trump: ˜Newt Gingrich Is Going to Be Involved with Our Government'

Trump again vows that “we’re going to win so much.” He says we’re going to win on the border, the wall, against terrorists, on trade, etc…

Even “Never Trump” Bill Kristol says on CNN Trump’s speech was “gripping” even though he doesn’t think Trump should be President. The media give Trump airtime because he is “gripping” and when viewers tune in, they hear him correct the record and get his message out. Traditional consultants and those in the Never Trump movement don’t seem to get this. Fuddy-duddy David Gergen just seems perplexed that Trump isn’t giving a Council on Foreign Relations/Harvard Institute of Politics-approved speech where people just sound smart without saying anything of substance.

Trump points out that “when we were young, we never lost a war.” He says now “we don’t ever win a battle… we don’t win anything.”

Trump mocks “Never Trump” folks. Says they are disappearing rapidly. Trump says if Newt is his vice president, nobody will beat him in a debate.

Trump says Clinton is “incompetent” and the only good thing she has done is get herself out of messes when anyone else would go to jail.

Trump says that “in one form or another,” Newt Gingrich is going to be involved with our government.

Trump finding his stride and saying things he should at every campaign stop. Trump says “we’re going to take America back” for “African-American youth who have a 59% unemployment rate” and who currently have “no chance” in society.

Trump says he will take care of steel workers and miners while Clinton will put them out of work by signing TPP.

In Ohio, Trump praises Jack Nicklaus. Trump says Nicklaus is a friend of his and he endorsed him even though he didn’t ask him to. Trump says The Golden Bear said Trump will “shake things up.” [Trump should make a public service announcement and ask if anyone knows the person who may have Nicklaus’s putter that he used to win the ’86 Masters.]

Trump quips that if he is elected President, Border Patrol Agents will again work hard like they want to to keep out illegals. He says right now, Border Patrol Agents are just telling illegal immigrants “welcome” because they have been told to stand down.

Trump now blasting “sleepy eyes” Chuck Todd. Trump, who basically gave the realist school of foreign policy argument re: Saddam Hussein in North Carolina, is blasting the mainstream press for blowing his comments re: Hussein out of proportion. Trump now blasting Clinton’s “what difference does it make?” statement on Benghazi. Trump even remembers that Clinton was in a green outfit.

[It’s amazing the the mainstream media would attack Trump’s comments about Saddam and how he questioned whether the Middle East would be more stable had Hussein remained in power. Isn’t that the reason why George H.W. Bush decided not to take Hussein out? This is where Trump’s celebrity/megaphone allows him to correct the record directly to the people in a way someone like Romney could never have done. And that is why he doesn’t need as much “traditional” advertising and fundraising dollars like a generic candidate like Romney who could never move the needle.]

Trump says if Clinton wins, she’ll approve TPP “so fast.” Trump reminds the crowd that none other than Bernie Sanders has said Clinton has “bad judgment.” Trump says our enemies likely have a “blackmail file on her,” which Trump says should “actually disqualify her from even running for office.”

Trump says Clinton is a “dirty, rotten liar.”

Trump is now eviscerating Clinton over her email scandal. Trump says we understand that Clinton set up a private server to conceal her emails and not just because she didn’t want to use one device. Trump wonders how can she wipe out 33,000 emails. Trump hammers the “rigged system” again and is detailing all of Clinton’s inconsistencies and false statements. Trump says he doesn’t want to bore the crowd with all of Clinton’s lies.

Trump says “we have a movement going” and it’s “something like people have never seen before.”

Trump takes the stage in Ohio and mentions that he worked in Ohio when he was young with his father. “Cincinnati and Ohio gave me a lot of confidence,” Trump says of his successful real estate ventures early in his life.

Newt: Trump is going to “kick over the table” in Washington.

Newt: Time for Ohio Gov. Kasich to get on “Trump Bandwagon.”

Gingrich says Kasich is a good friend of his and it’s about time that Kasich gets on the “Trump bandwagon.”