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Hispanics Seem to Be Souring on Obama Democrats

Michael Barone,   It’s looking like a tough off year election for Democrats, with their Senate majority at serious risk and their chances of gaining House seats down toward zero. Every party has a bad offyear sometimes; Republicans did in 2006. Sooner or later they recover. But in the crosstabs of polls and in party strategists’ moves […] Read More →

Mitt Romney Sees Some Solid 2016 Candidates Who Are Not Him

 There’s no leading contender at the moment, but he’s confident that “we’re going to find someone who catches fire.” A little more than a week after his wife opened the door to a third White House run, Mitt Romney himself offered three consecutive statements on what he is not doing in 2016. “I’m not running, I’m not planning on […] Read More →

The Truth About Jeb Bush’s Presidential Ambitions

 Some insiders say he’s already running. Others says he’s definitely not. Here’s the reality, distilled from over a dozen discussions with those who know Bush really well. There are currently two factions in American presidential politics: Those who are absolutely sure Jeb Bush will run for president in 2016 and those who are absolutely sure he […] Read More →

Cruz Overshadows Jindal as Ryan Crashes Iowa Party Event

 It wasn’t much of a contest between the college debate champ and cerebral student of health care systems, even after a top Republican policy guru, Paul Ryan, crashed the party. Ted Cruz and Bobby Jindal, potential 2016 Republican presidential candidates, were the headliners tonight at a gathering of party conservatives in Iowa. Cruz dominated, captivating […] Read More →

Republicans Still Struggling With Women Voters

Matt Vespa,  Republicans know they have problems with women voters, especially single urban women. They vowed to turn it around after Mitt’s clobbering amongst this demographic in 2012. What’s changed? Not much; and women are virtually unreceptive to the Republican Party or its policies. Is this the end? Nope. As George Will has said about […] Read More →

Romney Says Clinton Can’t Distance Herself From Obama

 Republicans Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, on a public stage for the first time since their ticket lost the 2012 White House race, derided recent efforts by Hillary Clinton to differentiate herself from President Barack Obama. “Hillary Clinton tries to distance herself from the foreign policy of the president,” said Romney, 67, his party’s presidential […] Read More →

Commentary: Strong Case for Romney 2016 White House Run

 Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney insists he is not running for president for a third time, but a commentary in Politico Magazine argues he would have a reasonably good chance of pulling off the nomination for 2016. The article was written by Emil Henry, former assistant treasury secretary under President George W. Bush. He […] Read More →

President Obama: Incompetent or Intentional?

Ken Blackwell  Even Democrats are beginning to yell “incompetence!” And it’s a nightly refrain on FOX News. Certainly we are seeing signs of incompetence in the deplorable VA scandal. And the rollout of ObamaCare was a world-class case of “glitch.” Inquiring minds are still asking what became of a half billion dollar investment in Solyndra. […] Read More →