Steps for depressed leftists to make 2017 a little easier on themselves and #MAGA

Edmund Kozak,

New Year’s Resolutions for Liberals.

On Dec. 19, MTV released an astonishingly racist video titled “2017 New Year’s Resolution for White Guys.” The backlash was swift and fierce and within days MTV decided to pull the video.

The entire episode proved that if anyone is in need of some political New Year’s resolutions, it is liberals like those who made the decision to produce and air that video at MTV. Here is a list of six New Year’s resolutions that liberals would be wise to adopt for 2017.

If liberals continue to refuse to engage honestly and openly with Trump supporters, they will continue to believe that Trump supporters are the misogynistic neo-Nazis the mainstream media has portrayed.

Talk to a Trump Voter
It’s clear from liberals’ ongoing mass hissy-fit over President-Elect Donald Trump’s victory that they still think his inauguration will herald a new quasi-apocalyptic Dark Ages. Minority activists are behaving as if Trump will repeal the 1965 Civil Rights Act, and the day following the inauguration will see thousands of leftist women descend on D.C. to march against Trump’s alleged desire to chain each and every one of them to a kitchen.

As silly and unfounded as these types of reactions are, it’s not entirely liberals’ fault. They were fed a steady diet of vicious and hyperbolic anti-Trump propaganda for the better part of a year by the media and Democratic politicians. Of course, the best antidote for this would be an actual conversation with a Trump voter. If liberals continue to refuse to engage honestly and openly with Trump supporters, they will continue to believe that Trump supporters are the misogynistic neo-Nazis the mainstream media has portrayed.

Perform a Racial Thought Experiment
A list compiled by BuzzFeed on Dec. 5 showcased PowerPoint slides, seemingly all from college classrooms, that the liberal outlet deemed “gave no f**ks.” The slides celebrated in the list included such gems as “White People are a Plague to the Planet,” “How White People Plagued Society,” “Y’all White People are Dangerous,” and “How White People F**ked up my Homeland.”

All liberals need to do in order to generate a potentially valuable moment of self-reflection is replace the word “white” in each of these lines with the word “black” and see how uncomfortable things instantly become.

Don’t much like the sound of White Lives Matter, White History Month, or the Center for American-Caucasian Relations? Then stop encouraging divisive identity politics among non-whites.

While liberals have been eager to decry the supposed rise of white nationalism that allegedly propelled Donald Trump into the White House, they completely refuse to recognize their own reliance on ethno-nationalism as a political tool. For folks who claim to cherish individualism when it comes to sex, gender, and religious beliefs, liberals encourage an awful lot of racial group-think among non-whites.

Go On a Ride Along With a Cop

MTV’s anti-white video was also anti-police, featuring one clip in which someone smugly announced that “blue lives” aren’t a thing. Try telling that to the families of the fallen. 2016 has been one of the deadliest years for police officers in years, with over 60 of America’s finest being shot to death, many in intentional ambushes.

Police deaths from gunfire in 2016 are up by 59 percent compared to 2015, and this year has seen the largest number of ambushes of police officers since 1990, The Washington Post reported in November. Many liberals, however, seem incapable of viewing law enforcement officers as victims, preferring to see caricaturish jackbooted thugs who oppress minorities. Were an anti-police liberal to go on a ride-along and experience the danger that the brave men and women of law enforcement face everyday, their countless acts of kindness around their communities, and their hard work to protect innocent people, they would likely have more sympathy for those who put their life on the line on a daily basis.

Of course, part of the reason 2016 was such a deadly year for police officers was the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement and the propagation of the myth that U.S. law enforcement is systemically racist and disproportionately targets blacks — a myth spread by not only BLM, but also the mainstream media and even the Obama administration. But if 2016 was the year of the Black Lives Matter myth, it was also a year that saw study after study disproving that myth.

This year saw the release of a Washington State University study which revealed that cops are more likely to shoot whites than blacks — by a factor of three times. 2016 also saw the release of a study by Harvard professor Roland Fryer which found that cops were far less likely to shoot black suspects than they were white suspects, and that black and white victims of police shootings were likely to be armed at equal rates. 

In November, the Crime Prevention Research Center released a study of roughly 2,700 fatal shootings involving police between 2013 and 2015 that revealed that a black suspect is much more likely to be shot to death by a black police officer than they are by a white police officer. Liberals should spend 2017 reading these studies.

proud-what-liberals-hate_small Steps for depressed leftists to make 2017 a little easier on themselves and #MAGA Opinion

Research Muslim Migrant Sex Crimes in Europe
Liberals, the self-proclaimed champions of women’s rights, might not be so quick to encourage mass Muslim migration into the West from war-torn nations were they exposed to the horrific reality of Europe’s current nightmare. 2016 was marked by a veritable epidemic of migrant sex crimes that began with mass sexual assaults in Cologne, Germany, and elsewhere on New Year’s Eve. Nearly a year later, the Muslim sex crime epidemic shows no signs of slowing down.

In the first week of December alone, an Iraqi immigrant in Germany was arrested for the rape of two students, and Afghan migrant in Germany was arrested for the rape and murder of 19-year-old German girl Maria Ladenburger, and an Algerian migrant in Greece was arrested for the attempted rape of a woman.

Public swimming pools in Germany and Sweden have become hotbeds of sexual assaults, and music festivals in both countries too have become hunting grounds for unassimilated Muslim sexual predators. In July, it was revealed that Swedish police were investigating reports of over 40 rapes and sexual assaults at two different music festivals.

Take a Deep Breath …
Breathe. Just breathe. We know you can do it. Life’s too short to be protesting every single perceived micro-aggression and slight against non-binary transgender Muslim unicorns. We understand 2016 has been stressful and confusing for you — the year saw the rise of right-wing populism across the West, a Trump victory in the election, and sounded the death knell for the liberal globalist world order.