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I’m a Democrat but Nancy Pelosi is totally clueless about what Democrats need to do to win

Bryan Dean Wright, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi appeared Sunday on Fox News to defend herself and the Democratic Party’s new initiative – dubbed A Better Deal – aimed at rebuilding her party’s standing with the nation’s voters. Pelosi’s pitch was straightforward: our economy is rigged against America’s workers and only Democrats can fix it.

Pseudo-Republican Squishes Are Anything but Compassionate

David Limbaugh, It is enormously frustrating that conservatives can’t capture the moral high ground from the phony virtue-signaling factory that is the modern Democratic Party. Conservative policies not only work better but also are morally superior. Democrats depend on cliches and false narratives to obstruct true reform — which includes shaming many Republicans from believing

Tuning Out the Fake News Media

Michael Reagan, The stock market is soaring. The economy is improving and employment is up. But all you get from the Fake News Media (FNM) every night is more Trump bashing. Night after night, as one phony scandal involving the president, his family or his administration fizzles into nothing and is replaced by another, TV

Trump and Paris — Let the negotiations begin

Newt Gingrich, President Trump’s speech Thursday was extraordinarily important and powerful. He set the stage for a new, practical common-sense approach to a better environment with a better economy. He also re-established the sound principle that an American president’s first obligation is to the American people and the American nation. Finally, he brilliantly concluded his

The Moribund Economy Needs Tax Reform Now

Donald Lambro, The U.S. economy plummeted to its weakest quarterly growth rate in two years in yet another bleak reminder of former President Obama’s failed fiscal policies. The Commerce Department reported last week that the nation’s gross domestic product, the broadest measure of the economy’s health, barely grew at a dismal 0.7 percent annual rate

Letter from Pennsylvania: All Jobs are Not Created Equal in Filling Tax Coffers

Colin McNickle, Job growth of any kind is welcome, of course. But all growth is not created equal, remind scholars at the Allegheny Institute for Public Policy. And Pennsylvania’s tax collection numbers are most instructive in that regard. The Lincoln Institute’s recent spring survey of commonwealth businesses suggested there is a more optimistic view of