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To Trump or Not to Trump?

Rachel Alexander,  The GOP civil war taking place over Donald Trump becoming the party’s presidential nominee has been painful and damaging to the Republican Party. Conservative leaders who were once cordial now publicly slam each other. Friends who worked on political campaigns together get into nasty feuds on social media, resulting in defriending incidents. Instead

Glenn Beck: ˜Donald Trump Is Going to Be the Next President’

Rebecca Mansour, Breitbart Vociferous Trump critic Glenn Beck predicted on his radio show today that Donald Trump would be the next president of the United States. Beck’s prediction was all the more remarkable because of his vehement opposition to the New York real estate mogul who he views as a Hitler-like psychopath with supporters he’s

Trump is a sports car, the rest are school buses #Trump2016

Greg Gutfeld, What follows are the variables that led to Donald Trump’s improbable but nearly unstoppable rise to becoming the presumptive Republican nominee.  I realized, as I analyzed these variables, how much they had in common with artificial intelligence, technological explosions, and Moore’s Law. He took the world by surprise. The surest way to reach

Begoggled Beck Attacks Bowl of Cheetos”to ˜Look Like’ Trump

Right Wing Watch reports on the extreme rhetoric and activities of key right-wing figures and organizations by showing their views in their own words. In this video, Glenn Beck and his co-hosts attempt to mock Donald Trump by covering their faces with crushed-up Cheetos.. Why does John Boehner seem to be Team Trump? Pat Gray,

Trump May Be Paranoid About Immigrant Predators, but Not Transgender Ones

Scott Shackford, Doesn’t subscribe to bathroom panic scenarios. So we’ve reached the point in the transgender bathroom debate that every presidential candidate is expected to weigh in on the controversy. It might want to make a person want to throw up his or her hands, but given that there are a whole host of state-level

Former Arkansas governor rips Cruz for hypocrisy, whining

Brendan Kirby, Huck to Cruz: It’s a ‘Big Boy Game’ Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee tore into Sen. Ted Cruz on Thursday, accusing him of hypocrisy when he claims the moral high ground in his competition with Republican front-runner Donald Trump. Appearing on “The Laura Ingraham Show,” the former presidential candidate noted that Cruz often

Pelosi to GOP: If you thwart Trump at the convention, you’ll hand us an even bigger victory in November

Allahpundit, It’s nice of her to help him out with this soundbite. Given how much money he’s donated to Democrats over the years, it’s really the least she can do. Sometimes when you’re watching a master troll at work, even when it’s a troll from the other party, you can only sit there and admire

Mark Levin: The œStop Trump effort must not extend to the general election #Trump2016

Allahpundit, Via Breitbart and the Right Scoop, you can grumble about this if you’re #NeverTrump but we all understand, I think, that the vast, vast majority of the party will come around to his position by November, right? Don’t get me wrong, stalwart anti-Trumpers may have the numbers to fatally damage Trump’s chances even

Sharyl Attkisson on the new Benghazi email revelations

 On Wednesday morning, Glenn Beck interviewed former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson – one of the few mainstream media reporters to do actual, skeptical reporting on the Benghazi affair, and other Obama Administration scandals, which is a big reason why she’s a “former CBS News reporter” – about the White House spin-control emails uncovered by Judicial Watch.