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Sanctuary city bans could spread to other states after Texas law signed

A new Texas law cracking down on ‘sanctuary cities’ could inspire other states to take a similar approach, even as the changes spur strong opposition from local Texas officials.  Republican Gov. Greg Abbott signed SB-4 into law in a Facebook Live event Sunday evening, effectively banning sanctuary city policies in Texas and giving law enforcement

University of Kentucky students busted in spy-like attempt to steal exam

Two statistics students at the University of Kentucky are now facing the consequences for making a huge miscalculation during finals week, according to police. Police hit Henry Lynch II and Troy Kiphuth, both 21, with third-degree burglary charges Wednesday after they allegedly crawled through an air duct and steal an exam from a professor’s office.

Restaurant Targeted by Racist Harassment After Police Union Spreads Hoax Online

Gizmodo – by Bryan Menegus Last week, a North Carolina barbecue joint found itself in the crosshairs of a Raleigh police union and, by extension, police supporters as a whole after employees supposedly disrespected officers dining. Guess what? The union pretty much made up the whole thing. According to a Facebook post by the Raleigh Police Protective Association,

Antifa Radicals Set Paris ‘May Day’ March Aflame

Edmund Kozak, From Berkeley to France, coalition of left-wing agitators increasingly relies on violence. Antifa radicals, the sort who have brought violence against attempts to advance free speech at UC-Berkeley, wrought havoc on the streets of Paris Monday. A May Day march organized by left-wing activists in France’s capital descended into complete chaos after Antifa protesters and

The Case Against Legalizing Unknown Millions of Illegal Aliens

Michael Cutler, A supposed “solution” that would be catastrophic for America. At least as far back as the administration of Jimmy Carter, the immigration debate has been waged by globalists who have, over time, succeeded in hijacking the language and terminology applied to immigration. Consider that Jimmy Carter: Orignator of the Orwellian Term “Undocumented Immigrant,”

Sessions warns that overhaul of Baltimore police may result in ‘a less safe city’

Attorney General Jeff Sessions warned that the agreement negotiated under the Obama administration to overhaul the troubled Baltimore police force may result in “a less safe city.” His warning comes after a federal judge approved the agreement despite the harsh objections from the Justice Department. President Trump’s attorney general said in a statement Friday that the

The ICE Man Cometh: And the illegals’ Democrat collaborators boil over with rage.

Lloyd Billingsley, Those who violated U.S. immigration law and remain in the country illegally claim to be fearful that Immigration and Customs Enforcement will grab them in church or at the doctor’s office. Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones thought it would be a good idea to bring in ICE acting director Thomas Homan “to try

Ass Sheriff Hodgson: State rep’s Facebook post warning of ICE raid Irresponsible

A Massachusetts sheriff who has called for the arrest of public officials who support sanctuary cities Wednesday slammed a state lawmaker who posted a Facebook warning about a rumored federal raid.  “I can’t think of anything more irresponsible and more underhanded and undermining to law enforcement and to the people of that community than what