MSNBC demotes Al Sharpton to Sunday mornings

Rev. Al Sharpton‘s primetime weekday MSNBC show is moving exclusively to Sunday mornings, the Washington Examiner media desk has learned. In a memo to MSNBC staff, the channel’s president Phil Griffin announced that Sharpton’s show, “Politics Nation,” would be moving from its Monday-Friday 6 p.m. slot to Sundays at 8 a.m., a dramatic demotion in… [Read More]

Trump Says What He Means and Means What He Says

Jackie Gingrich Cushman,  Pollster Frank Luntz conducted a 29-person focus group of Trump supporters this past Monday. At one point, while talking to journalists who were watching the group through a one-way mirror, Luntz said, “I want to put the Republican leadership behind this mirror and let them see. They need to wake up. They… [Read More]

Are Republicans For Freedom Or White Identity Politics?

Ben Domenech, Now that we have had time to observe the Donald Trump phenomenon, there is enough evidence to make a clear assessment of what it represents. The rise of Trump is an epic expression of frustration with the American political system, and it is a natural outgrowth of frustrations with America’s changing demographics; the… [Read More]

Newt Gingrich: Why 75%: Is The Most Important Number in American Politics

This past weekend political shows once again tried to come to grips with the rise of Sanders, Trump, Carson, Fiorina, and Cruz. The consensus among several commentators was that there is often a flurry of interest in political outsiders during the summer but eventually voters become serious and begin to seek more traditional presidential candidates…. [Read More]

The Biggest Idiots in Politics: The #Blacklivesmatter Protesters

John Hawkins, Nobody is working harder to ensure that black Americans die violently than the #Blacklivesmatter protesters. Not the KKK. Not the Aryan Nation. Not the American Nazi Party. In fact, if those groups were smart (and being a part of one of those groups is de facto proof that they’re not), then they’d be… [Read More]

Trump’s Startling Announcement – He’s ‘Probably The First Candidate In The History Of Politics’ To Admit This

 Many people have suggested that Donald Trump’s big appeal — the reason for the candidate’s polling success — is that he says what so many frustrated Americans feel. He cuts loose with politically incorrect, unpolished, unfiltered comments that sound as though they come from fed-up folks who feel they just aren’t heard by the political… [Read More]

Obama Plays Politics of Fear to Get His Iran Deal

If you are a progressive activist, President Obama can tell you everything you need to know about the Iran deal in one word: NEOCONS! I overstate, but only slightly. Since the U.S. and five other world powers agreed to terms last month intended to lift sanctions and check Iran‘s pursuit of nuclear weapons, a key… [Read More]

Asymmetrical Politics: Republicans Act Like an Unruly Mob, Democrats Like a Regimented Army

Michael Barone, As the presidential campaign heats up, and we head into the first debate among the 16 declared Republican candidates, there is an asymmetry between the two political parties. Republican voters have been seething with discontent toward their party’s officeholders and have not become enchanted with any one of 15 more or less conventional… [Read More]

Walker Expectations High as He Tours Iowa This Weekend

 The Republican presidential candidate from Wisconsin is portraying himself as a native son in state that will cast the first ballots of 2016. Near a mighty river that shares its banks with his neighboring state, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker launched his first Iowa campaign swing as a declared presidential candidate with a Winnebago and high… [Read More]

The Republican Debate Selection Process Is a New Wild Card in Presidential Politics

Fox News and CNN are using national polls to limit the debate stage to 10 candidates. Methodologically, they might as well be drawing straws. A month from now, 10 Republican presidential candidates will walk out onto a primetime debate stage in Cleveland and confront each other face to face for the first time. If the debate were held today, Donald… [Read More]

Obama’s Half-Brother Just Sold This Letter From Barack Revealing The Reason He Got Into Politics

The half-brother of President Obama has sold a handwritten letter penned in 1995 that sheds light on why the first African-American president decided to enter politics. Malik Abongo “Roy” Obama sold the letter from the president, which details why the commander-in-chief decided to enter politics, to a collector for an undisclosed fee, The New York Post… [Read More]

Editor says he owes GOP sources ‘an apology’ after new Gruber emails

Longtime political journalist and pundit Mark Halperin says he owes his Republican sources “an apology” after apparently doubting their claims that MIT economist Jonathan Gruber played a major role in crafting ObamaCare.  Halperin, Bloomberg Politics managing editor, addressed the controversy on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Monday, after a Wall Street Journal report first revealed emails… [Read More]