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Caroline Kennedy backs Hillary Clinton for 2016

 Caroline Kennedy, the current U.S. ambassador to Japan, says she would support Hillary Clinton if the former secretary of state seeks the presidency in 2016, and she hopes Clinton decides to run. Kennedy and her late uncle, former Senator Ted Kennedy, endorsed President Barack Obama in 2008 rather than Clinton, a significant move in that […] Continue reading →

Time To Hitlarize Putin?

Edward Dent It has become as close to an ironclad rule as there is in American politics: Do not make references to Hitler. Do not compare your opponent to Hitler. Do not compare policies to those carried out by Hitler. Do not even mention the name if possible. But that is a rule for American […] Continue reading →

Eric Holder’s Race Card

Jonah Goldberg,   Last week, the president’s lap dog blew his dog whistle. In case you didn’t know, in politics a “dog whistle” is coded language that has a superficial meaning for everybody, but also a special resonance for certain constituencies. Using dog whistles lets politicians deny they meant to say anything nasty, bigoted or controversial. […] Continue reading →

The Great Divide in America

Bruce Bialosky  People bemoan the divisions that exist in America today. On a recent trip to New York City it took a New York minute (actually seven minutes) to show the grand demarcation that has occurred and it is more like a rupture. We were recently in New York to celebrate my wife’s birthday when […] Continue reading →

Michelle Malkin: The meltdown of the Obama genderhawks

 I have created a new species designation for the female Democrats who play hypocritical gender politics on behalf of Barack Obama. They’re genderhawks. You remember the term “chickenhawk,” don’t you? During the Bush years, anti-war activists and journalists hurled the ad hominem epithet at anyone who supported military action against our enemies but hadn’t personally […] Continue reading →

Presidential Election 2016: Jeb v. Hillary?

Michael Tanner  There is something distinctly troubling about the news this week that big Republican donors are trying to recruit former Florida governor Jeb Bush to run for president against Hillary Clinton in 2016. It has nothing to do with whether or not Bush would make a good president. By all accounts he was a […] Continue reading →

Harry Reid is Lucifer’s Hand Puppet

John Nantz  Light-bearer, the Shining One, the Morning Star. That’s what Lucifer means. He is the master of deception, seconded only by our own ability to deceive ourselves. Lies are an attempt to destroy what is real. It is the ultimate act of rebellion—an attempt to ascend to the throne of deity. Lucifer is also […] Continue reading →

Poor Paul’s Almanac: Clearing the Mind

Paul Greenberg (With apologies to Poor Richard’s Almanac — and a colonial printer named Ben Franklin.) How to cook pasta: The trick is to keep stirring. Whether it helps the pasta is a secondary consideration. The primary purpose is to clear the mind. It gives the cook one simple thing to concentrate on after a […] Continue reading →

Sousa scion leads Ben Carson White House draft parade; Cmte raises $2.8 million

Neil W. McCabe  The great-grandson of legendary band leader John Philip Sousa told Human Events in an exclusive interview he why he is leading the National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee, a movement to convince retired Johns Hopkins University pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin S. Carson Sr., to run for president. Carson is a true conservative, who reminds […] Continue reading →

Obama Impeachment Almost Complete

John Ransom Jim Jordan wants to know what the White House knew about the IRS targeting scandal, and when they knew it– as if we didn’t know. The conservative Representative from Ohio has penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the activities of the IRS and, more […] Continue reading →

California GOP is rebuilding, but to what end?

Steven Greenhut BURLINGAME, Calif. — Something happened between the time I cast my first votes for Democrats Jimmy Carter for president and Marion Barry for mayor of Washington, D.C., and four years later when I voted for Ronald Reagan and other Republicans. (And, no, I’m not referring to Barry being arrested for smoking crack cocaine, which took place […] Continue reading →