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The real reason nobody minds that American money deeply influences Israeli politics

 Controversy continues to swirl  around Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before Congress next week. With less than three weeks until Israelis go to the polls to choose a leader, the country’s relationship with the United States is on the front burner. Netanyahu’s rivals for prime minister have made hay of his chilly relations with the Obama administration and […] Continue reading →

Wisconsin’s Scott Walker adjusts to rigor of presidential politics

 Scott Walker may have won three elections in the past four years, but he’s still finding his way in presidential politics. The Wisconsin governor made a splash last month in first-to-vote Iowa, wowing Republicans and vaulting to the top of several still-way-too-early polls. Then came “punts” on questions about evolution, President Barack Obama’s love of […] Continue reading →

Edward Snowden’s Libertarian Moment: We “Will Remove From Governments The Ability To Interfere With [Our] Rights”

Nick Gillespie | Hit&Run blog,  A full-throated defense of classical liberal and libertarian theorizing. Via Mark Sletten comes this thread from yesterday’s Ask Me Anything session at Reddit that featured Edward Snowden, Oscar-winning documentarian Laura Poitras, and journalist Glenn Greenwald. The question posed to Snowden: What’s the best way to make NSA spying an issue in the 2016 Presidential Election? […] Continue reading →

“Scare Tactics or Possible Threat?” DHS Budget Cuts, and Terror Attacks

Mac Slavo |  Threat advisories have been circulated about a possible terror attack on the Mall of America in Minnesota. And now the Somali-based al-Shabaab has announced plans to target shopping centers in the UK, Canada and the United States. Is there something in the works? Who knows… Secretary of the Deparment of Homeland Security, Jeh […] Continue reading →

Vaccine politics: Blame science and win in Iowa

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has thrown himself head-long into the nation’s increasingly contentious vaccination politics. Christie told reporters that he and his wife have their own children vaccinated. But he also expressed sympathy with families who make different decisions. “Parents need to have some measure of choice in things as well,” Christie argued, “so […] Continue reading →

A Speech and a President, Unbounded by Reality

Jackie Gingrich Cushman,   Enthusiastic, entertaining, energized and eminent, President Obama’s demeanor and delivery at the State of the Union belied his political reality. Unbowed, unbroken and possibly unaffected by the recent midterm Republican wave, Obama displayed his great skill by delivering an emotional teleprompter-driven speech that was a throwback to his first election. Varying tempo, […] Continue reading →

Here are the Top 10 Conservative Columnists

 With so many great conservative columnists and writers in the world today, it can be hard to know who to read. This list offers a mix of writers with different writing styles ranging from the serious to the humorous. Each of the columnists here write on a number of issues important to conservatives including economics […] Continue reading →

Freshman Congress Members Face Final Weekend of Freedom

 A new class of lawmakers is about to dive into Washington politics, an arena many of them declared a cesspool during their campaigns. It’s the final weekend of freedom for the 74 men and women who will make up the freshman class of the 114th Congress. They’re about to dive into Washington politics, an arena many of them declared a cesspool during their campaigns. […] Continue reading →

Religion in India bubbles over into politics

 In small-town northern India, Muslims are offered food and money to convert to Hinduism. If that doesn’t suffice, they say they’re threatened. Across the country, the Christmas holiday is canceled for hundreds of government servants who spend the day publicly extolling the policies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Powerful Hindu nationalist leaders — some with […] Continue reading →

Dear GOP: Show, Don’t Tell

Jonah Goldberg  Hey, Jeb, Ted, Rand, Marco, Bobby, Chris and the dozen or more others I’m forgetting, here’s something to write on your bathroom mirror in 2015 and beyond: The “P” in POTUS stands for “President,” not “Pundit.” I understand that the Seinfeldian faux-holiday Festivus is behind us, but I want to get at least […] Continue reading →