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5 Reasons Liberals Aren’t Patriotic

John Hawkins, “While the rest of the country waves the flag of Americana, we understand we are not part of that. We don’t owe America anything – America owes us.” — Al Sharpton “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country. And not just because Barack has done

Can a Louisianan unite warring U.S. Republican factions?

 A Louisiana conservative seeking to be the No.3 Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives has the potential to be a bridge between the party’s leadership and Tea Party rebels. Representative Steve Scalise is a staunch conservative who, in assessing President Obama’s first 100 days in office in 2009, gave him a grade he considers

5 Ways Obama Has Destroyed The Rule Of Law In America

John Hawkins  When you allow unlawful acts to go unpunished, you’re moving toward a government of men rather than a government of law; you’re moving toward anarchy. And that’s exactly what we’re doing. — John Wayne All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. — George Orwell Tell me why any

Obama letter to a Conservative: I’ve been quite respectful of you tea-baggers


A Texas teacher sent a letter to President Obama about his opposition to Obamacare and got a hand-written letter in return. Thomas J. Ritter wrote to the president ­expressing his dismay over the Affordable Health Care Act, and was surprised to get a response penned by Obama on official White House ­stationery. Ritter, a fifth-grade

Tea Party Members Know More About Science than Non-Tea Partiers


by Gary DeMar For years liberals have been saying that Tea Party members, and conservatives in general, are ignorant about science, that they are even anti-science. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s because conservatives pay close attention to scientific arguments that they are the one group that most respects the scientific process. Consider