Will Online Gambling Industry Make a Comeback in Trump Era

Donald Trump is probably the first even US President to own a casino. However, despite this well-known fact, the gambling industry is waiting with bated breath, as they try and figure what will be the impact of Trump’s Presidency on the gambling market. With this said and done, one thing which comes to the fore is, how will the new President handle internet gambling along with sports betting and daily fantasy sports.

If sources are to be believed, American Gaming Association has sent a wish list to the new President-elect, asking him to lower the regulations on gambling, while at the same time, approve sports betting. This is not all; the industry has also requested a crackdown on illegal gambling and setup of immigration policies so that overseas gamblers are still able to make it to the US casinos.

Back in 2013, Trump, along with his daughter Ivanka, had formed a company in New Jersey. The idea of creating a legal entity was to explore the possibilities of Internet gambling in New Jersey before it became a legalised sport in the state. However, they never really filed for a license to explore the options.

The pertinent question is, “What will become of online gambling?” There are a lot of impressive online casinos such as 888casino.com who are offering gaming opportunities to online gamblers. For all these websites, Trump’s election is being seen with a lot of positivity. The industry is foreseeing a lot of liberal laws for US gamblers, which could boost the gambling industry thoroughly.

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As per Trump, “Online gambling has to occur because many other countries are performing it and like usual the US is just missing out.” But, the mystery continues; no one from Trump’s transition team has offered any inkling from within the White House, which makes it a little difficult to gauge which way the decision will swing.

So which way will it go?

It’s probably still too early to understand which way the decision might go. Trump has personally shown strong support for gambling, considering he was one of the owners of different casinos at a point in time.  Despite the ownership, it’s hard to prematurely predict if there will be a positive shift in the direction of legalising online gambling for all the states within the US.

With this said and done, there seem to be very bleak chances when it comes to the President too much public money on reversing the laws for a few years down the line. The ray of hope also comes, when it seems that there might not be any change in the existing laws either, which might make the whole concept of online gambling harder for the current players/owners. One fact which can’t be negated at any given time is: there is nothing sure when it comes to Trump’s administration. Given his changing behaviours, it’s tough to be able to be sure footed on what the future years are going to be like under Trump’s Presidency.