300,000 gun owners face jail time

 The scene below isn’t from a foreign country.  It’s happening right here in America.

Law-abiding gun owners in Connecticut were recently forced to line up and register their firearms with the state government by January 1 of this year. 

Now, citizens who either missed the deadline, or simply refused to submit to the blatantly unconstitutional law, are facing felony charges and up to five years in prison. 

In fact, anti-gun groups and their allies in the state media are outright campaigning for authorities to “use the background check database” to round up an estimated 300,000 gun owners, fine them $5,000, and put them behind bars.

 “If this can happen anywhere in America, it can happen everywhere,” warns Chris Cox, Executive Director of the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA). 

“And right now, Barack Obama and his gun control allies in Congress are plotting new ways to bring Connecticut’s freedom-crushing policies to every corner of America.”

NRA-ILA is the legislative, legal and political arm of the National Rifle Association that maintains vigilant watch over our Second Amendment freedoms and the top pro-Second Amendment group in America dedicated to defending your gun rights on Capitol Hill.  

“Our NRA-ILA team is fighting hard every day to hold the line against Obama’s gun ban agenda,” said Cox.

“But today, I’m asking every American who cherishes their freedom to stand and fight with us.  Tell Congress to vote NO on Obama’s national gun registration scheme by signing this very important NRA-ILA petition today.”

As Barack Obama bears down hard on our U.S. Senators and Representatives to pass his gun registration scheme, which nearly passed in the Senate last year, NRA-ILA is asking all gun owners and freedom-loving patriots to take immediate action.

“The fight we’re waging in Congress right now is critical to the very survival of our freedom,” said Cox. 

“If you want to keep your Second Amendment rights, then please sign our petition as soon as you can.  Your signed petition is one more powerful voice our elected officials can’t ignore.”

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