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NY’s Arbalest Quarrel & Seneca Sporting Range To Hold August Pro-Gun Rally

AmmoLand  New York, N.Y. -( Arbalest Quarrel weblog and Seneca Sporting Range are pleased to announce a pro-gun rally the two groups are co-sponsoring. PLACE: Seneca Sporting Range, 1716 Weirfield Street, Ridgewood/Queens, N.Y. 11385 TIME: Saturday, August 16, 2022 (1:00 P.M. to 2:00 PM)   To register, please contact John DeLoca either by phone (718/497-4545) […] Continue reading →

Gun Confiscation Begins in New York?

 Nassau County man: State Police “just came to my home and took everything” Second amendment activists are expressing concern that authorities in New York state have begun moving towards mass gun confiscation after a man had all his firearms seized by police over a 15-year-old misdemeanor charge. In a post on the forum entitled, […] Continue reading →

300,000 gun owners face jail time

 The scene below isn’t from a foreign country.  It’s happening right here in America. Law-abiding gun owners in Connecticut were recently forced to line up and register their firearms with the state government by January 1 of this year.  Now, citizens who either missed the deadline, or simply refused to submit to the blatantly unconstitutional law, […] Continue reading →

Michigan Signs Law Protecting Rights of Gun Owners

 The Governor of Michigan just signed into law protections for the privacy rights of gun owners. The privacy of gun owners is an important concern as gun ownership is exploding in America, especially among women. Gun owners absolutely have the right to keep information regarding their gun ownership private, something the NRA has been supporting […] Continue reading →

DoD Directive Grants Military Authority to ‘Quell Large-scale, Unexpected Civil Disturbances’

Militarization of federal agencies across the board puts everyday Americans square in the crosshairs Despite President Obama going to great lengths to assuage the American people’s concerns with the increased militarization of federal agencies, a recently disclosed military directive suggests those fears could be legitimate. Yesterday, The Washington Times disclosed a disturbing Department of Defense […] Continue reading →

We Will Not Comply with Ridiculous Gun Laws

AmmoLand – by Rob Morse Southern California -( Our gun laws are crazy and I think legislators in gun-grabbing states made them that way on purpose. Their laws make criminals out of honest and responsible gun owners. Now what are we going to do about it?   These laws were never intended to stop violent […] Continue reading →

Kansas Passes Law Nullifying Gun Control

The Governor of Kansas recently signed into law a bill that nullifies local gun control laws, bringing uniformity to the state’s gun laws, similar to a law recently passed in West Virginia. The law also greatly expands on the places that allow the carrying of a firearm, similar to Georgia’s “guns everywhere” law. With support […] Continue reading →

New York gun owners resist registry, thousands refuse to join Cuomo’s gun round-up prep

 Empire state politicians gauge gun registration deadlines come and gone and enforcement of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s landmark gun control law they say is unconstitutional and may cost him re-election. “New Yorkers are blind to how many people registered their ‘assault weapons’ by the April 15 deadline,” said William R. “Bill” Nojay (R.-Pittsford)  state assemblyman […] Continue reading →

90% of NY Gun Owners Refuse to Register Guns

 Standing shoulder to shoulder in defiance with their “brothers-in-arms” in Connecticut, New York gun owners are rebelling against their soon-to-take-effect gun control law. Gun owners have already stood in defiance by burning their registration forms in protest.  They are remarkably unenthusiastic about complying with the order to register their so-called “assault weapons,” and the law […] Continue reading →


All Self Sustained – by Paul Dutton, Survival Life  Every parent asks themselves this question. If you’re lucky enough to be brought up with firearms around, this probably isn’t a big deal for you. However, within the last five years, more Americans are first-time gun owners with little to no experience. This can be a challenging issue for a […] Continue reading →