Here are 5 of Bernie Sanders’ Most Ridiculous Ideas


If anyone thought socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders would give Hillary Clinton a run for her money in 2016, I hope you played the Powerball.

Here are five of the radical nutjob’s craziest ideas for making America a better place…

From DW:

1. “Medicare for All.” As one of the sections on Sanders’ website explains, the presidential candidate is calling for a single-payer healthcare system. Medicare is an example of a single-payer system, which is why Sander calls for “Medicare for All.” The problem is that Medicare already faces $43 trillion in unfunded liabilities and denies healthcare claims at a higher rate than any private insurer. “Medicare for all” would drive the country into bankruptcy.

2. $19.6 trillion in tax increases. An analysis by The Washington Examiner determined that Sanders’ proposed tax increases total $19.6 trillion over the next ten years. By comparison, the U.S. currently has an estimated $17 trillion economy. Sanders’s tax increases would cost more than the entire U.S. economy over the next decade.

[3]. Prosecuting so-called “climate deniers.” Sanders, who shares former Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore’s passion for preaching brimstone and fire on climate change, has called for the prosecution of climate change skeptics.

The climate change issues section of his website reads, “Bring climate deniers to justice so we can aggressively tackle climate change. It is an embarrassment that Republican politicians, with few exceptions, refuse to even recognize the reality of climate change, let alone are prepared to do anything about it. The reality is that the fossil fuel industry is to blame for much of the climate change skepticism in America.”

It continues, “Bernie recently called for the Department of Justice to investigate Exxon Mobil, which may have not only known about the dangers of climate change, but has spent millions of dollars to spread doubt about the causes and impacts of burning fossil fuels.”

Sanders’s proposal is totalitarian in nature, as it is essentially an attack on the First Amendment. Being publicly skeptical of climate change is, of course, constitutionally protected free speech.

[4]. Expanding Social Security. The Social Security section on Sanders’s website explicitly calls for the expansion of Social Security, which he claims would be funded by lifting the cap on taxable income for Social Security. Problem is, Social Security faces $22 trillion in unfunded liabilities with cuts in benefits looming. Even if the cap on taxable income is lifted, expanding it will only exacerbate the program’s fiscal insolvency.

[5]. Making college tuition-free. As part of his Santa Claus schtick, Sanders calls for college to be tuition-free. It’s a utopian proposal – it’s alluring, but flies in the face of the law of economics.

Radio host and constitutional scholar Mark Levin writes in Plunder and Deceit that a serious factor behind the rise in college tuition is that colleges and universities recklessly spend on lavish projects to heighten their appeal to students. The result: $205 billion of debt compiled by colleges and universities in 2011. Federal subsidies have enabled colleges and universities to continue their spending spree. Abolishing tuition does not address this problem; it simply shifts the cost completely onto the backs of taxpayers, a part of Sanders’ $19.6 trillion in tax increases.

In essence, raise taxes and rid the nation of true conservatism.

Yeah, because that’s working swell in so many countries across the globe, right buddy?

As crazy as it may seem, having Bernie earn the Democrat nomination may be the easiest way to a Republican victory in 2016.

Sanders is too far-Left for most middle class Americans who actually understand that social policies don’t work, so let’s hope he faces Trump or Cruz in the primary in November.

He would get destroyed in the general.

Fingers crossed.


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  • Buckshots

    Bernie needs to discover the trees that will grow money to fund all the free stuff he is proposing.