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United Nations Assets Will Be Deployed in USA To Resolve “International Crisis” On Border

SHTF Plan SHTFplan Editor’s Note: What you’re about to read by Dave Hodges is a chilling analysis of the events currently playing out on the southern border of the United States of America. Several weeks after the White House feigned surprise over the flood of tens of thousands of unaccompanied alien children crossing into the U.S. it was […] Continue reading →

Global Warming (Snowstorms) Killed Obamanomics?

Michael Schaus  Wow. Remember when everyone was predicting 3 percent GDP growth for 2014? Apparently the “experts” were a little off. (Seriously… Economists, meteorologists, and global warming scientists must have pretty awesome job security.) It turns out that the first quarter of 2014 actually contracted 2.9 percent. Yeah, we just saw the largest revision between […] Continue reading →

Holder’s ‘terrorism committee’ targets America

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Think the National Security Agency is doing enough snooping in “The Homeland?” A federal spying coalition aims to drill deeper under the Orwellian title, Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee. “Call it massive surveillance of the U.S. population,” said John Whitehead, president of the civil libertarian Rutherford Institute. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder soft-pedaled DTEC […] Continue reading →

Obama’s Legacy of “Leadership” — A String of Resignations in Incompetence and Disgrace

Bob Barr  It is easy to understand the “Messiah Complex” that envelops President Barack Obama and his White House. For years, Obama has been the Great Hope of the Democratic Party and liberal elites, including the likes of the late Senator Ted Kennedy, and even terrorist/liberal intellectual leader Bill Ayers.  In fact, when Kennedy endorsed […] Continue reading →

Dinesh D’Souza’s ‘America’ warns Hillary Clinton will ‘finish off’ the country

 In his highly anticipated new book and movie “America,” conservative author Dinesh D’Souza is warning that Hillary Clinton won’t be a clone of her moderate husband, but will instead take the baton from President Obama to continue radicalizing the country and “undo the nation’s founding ideals.” “America — Imagine a World Without Her,” published by […] Continue reading →

Pat Buchanan: A Legendary Failure of Liberalism

 When Brown v. Board of Education, the 9-0 Warren Court ruling came down 60 years ago, desegregating America’s public schools, this writer was a sophomore at Gonzaga in Washington, D.C. In the shadow of the Capitol, Gonzaga was deep inside the city. And hitchhiking to school every day, one could see the “for sale” signs […] Continue reading →

The Extreme Left Controls the Media

Floyd Brown, Most members of the mainstream media are to the left… but not many are to the hard left. That’s because most hard-left activists work directly in politics. They’re the shock troops of the Democratic Party and the Obama administration. Yet, somehow, these hard-left activists have an amazing ability to control the opinions of […] Continue reading →