Rush Limbaugh: I will no longer opine on the Lewandowski/Fields incident


Leon Wolf titles his post on this, “Rush Limbaugh Admits he is Unable to Do His Job when it Comes to Trump.” I’m more sympathetic. There’s no talking someone out of something they really want to believe, and the more they invest psychologically in believing it, the more pointless it is to try. Both sides of the Lewandowski/Fields incident are all-in and then some. So why would Rush, who’s spent months walking a tightrope between the pro-Trump populists in his audience and the Cruz-supporting true conservatives, risk mass defections from one side or the other by taking a position? You don’t really think he’s spent all this time trying to keep his balance only to dive off headfirst now, do you?

In fact, huddle up here, fellow Cruz fans, and tell me something: Can we give him a pass to climb down? Can we not do this poor guy a favor, as a reward for decades of meritorious service to grassroots conservatism, by letting him embrace Trumpmania fully and freely for the duration of the campaign? Think of it as a gold watch. Every day of Rush’s show now feels like an exercise in strained, compulsory quasi-neutrality, which amounts in practice to him defending nearly everything Trump says and does but mixing in some praise for Cruz here and there just to make sure he’s got his footing on the tightrope.


This is maybe the 3rd way in which Limbaugh has sputtered that enabling Trump has rendered him unable to do his job. 

  • willspeaks

    Rush, you have been whitewashing trump for six months. Every time he makes some ridiculous statement of some sort, you spend fifteen minutes, ” explaining his actions”, at least you did that for about four months. Now I hear a slightly different tone.
    This is the problem when supposedly objective commentators become ” Friends” with political candidates. See Sean hannity.