Sheriff David Clarke On Clinton’s Decision To Turn Her Back On The Fraternal Order Of Police

“The support of the law enforcement community through entities like the Fraternal Order of Police, the largest police union in the country, is traditionally coveted by people seeking the Office of President of the United States. Hillary Clinton once again demonstrates her contempt for the nearly 900,000 law enforcement officers nationwide by snubbing the FOP endorsement.

We have already lived through eight years of failed leadership under President Obama, who has jeopardized the country’s public safety with his mandate for the early release of thousands of felons back into our communities. It is imperative that we have a leader who will stand up for law enforcement, not one who will represent President Obama’s third term.

“Donald Trump has consistently stood on the side of law abiding Americans of all races and he understands the important role of police, firefighters and emergency responders in keeping our communities safe from crime, violence and terror.

“Donald Trump is the law and order leader we need in the White House that can make America safe again!” - Sheriff David Clarke