Jonah Goldberg: Jeb Bush Has Bigger Problems Than Iraq War Stumble

 By now everyone has had their say about Jeb Bush’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. The consensus is that Bush misheard Megyn Kelly’s “knowing what we know now” question about the Iraq war. I’m not convinced. Politicians routinely answer the question they wish they were asked rather than the question they were actually […]

Jonah Goldberg: Democrats Get a Taste of Obama’s Arrogance

 These are not good times for the Republic (and if you laughed or scratched your head at me calling America a republic, I rest my case). But they are amusing times, at least for those of us capable of extracting some measure of mirth and schadenfreude from the president’s predicament. With the sand running out […]

Jonah Goldberg: Mark Halperin’s Biased Grilling of Ted Cruz

 Imagine it’s 2007 and a prominent journalist is interviewing then-Sen. Barack Obama. “Senator, people are really interested in you and your identity. I just wanted to ask you as a historical matter, when you filled out your application to Columbia, to Harvard Law School, did you list yourself as an African-American?” Imagine he pressed further. […]

Conservative Fathers Dish Out ‘Dadly Virtues’

Matt Vespa,  Fatherhood is something that is not really valued in America–or at least that’s the impression you get with its rather unceremonious representation in the media. Fatherhood and masculinity don’t have the best of reception with today’s media elite since a lot of attention have been devoted to the rise of women in the socioeconomic […]

Jonah Goldberg: Speak Truth to Narrative

 “If absolute power corrupts absolutely,” the actor Harry Shearer once asked, “does absolute powerlessness make you pure?” The answer, according to a lot of people, is yes. Upon receiving the George Polk Career Award last month, Gary Trudeau, the creator of the satirical comic strip Doonesbury, attacked the staff of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo: […]