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Welfare Sign-ups Beat Job Creation 2-to-1 in Illinois

Sarah Jean Seman,   For every job created in the state of Illinois, two people sign-up for food stamps—not exactly an encouraging statistic. The state ranked ‘dead last’ across America for job growth in 2014, according to the Illinois Policy. Not only is the economically-challenged state failing to create positions in the private sector, it actually […] Read More →

How Far Away Can Skynet Be?

Derek Hunter  Remember the Terminator movies and the evil electronic overlords of Skynet – the computer system that became self-aware and launched the war against humans? We aren’t there…yet. But we are fast approaching the point where people simply aren’t necessary to conduct a significant amount of business and life. There won’t be a single […] Read More →

Political Corruption Slows Growth, Kills Jobs

Peter Morici,   This Friday the Labor Department is expected to report the economy added 230,000 jobs in August. The pace has picked up a bit but is still far less than needed to reemploy all the prime aged workers displaced in the wake of the financial crisis. The jobless rate is down to 6.1 percent […] Read More →

Keystone XL: Six Years And Still Waiting

Michael Whatley  September 19th will mark the sixth anniversary of when TransCanada first applied for a presidential permit to build the Keystone XL Pipeline. Hurt the most are the people whose job it is to build and operate the pipeline. The Keystone Pipeline or Keystone XL, as it’s commonly known, would put 9,000 laborers to […] Read More →

Civil disobedience expected in fast-food pay fight

 McDonald’s, Wendy’s and other fast-food restaurants are expected to be targeted with acts of civil disobedience that could lead to arrests Thursday as labor organizers escalate their campaign to unionize the industry’s workers. Kendall Fells, an organizing director for Fast Food Forward, said workers in a couple of dozen cities were trained to peacefully engage […] Read More →

The most challenging issue facing liberalism today

 No challenge facing liberalism today is more important — or more difficult — than that of reviving the labor movement. Yet liberals show little enthusiasm for this task. The truth is that liberals and labor leaders bear little regard for one another. Such mutual alienation is an indulgence that neither group can afford.  By “liberals” […] Read More →

A Half-Trillion Dollar Budget Deficit

Donald Lambro.  The Obama administration continues to run up big budget deficits and huge long-term debts that threaten our economic future and put our national security in peril. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office released new numbers this week, projecting that this year’s budget deficit alone will be half a trillion dollars more than the U.S. […] Read More →

Blue State Residents Are Flocking to Red States

Matt Vespa  People are fleeing blue states in droves. In Illinois alone, half of its residents would rather move someplace else. You might recall Dan’s post detailing their plight. After all, the Land of Lincoln had anemic job growth; only 500 jobs were created between 2013-2014. But, while blue state residents flocking to conservative states might […] Read More →

George Will: In a stew over inversions

 Barack Obama, presiding over an unusually dismal post-recession economy, might make matters worse with a distracting crusade against the minor and sensible business practice called “inversion,” more about which anon. So, consider his credentials as an economic thinker. Obama, who thinks ATMs and airport ticket kiosks cost America jobs, gave a speech last year regretting that Maytag […] Read More →