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Why Trump Should Consider a Post-Twitter Presidency

Victor Davis Hanson, Almost every supposedly informed prediction about President Donald Trump’s compulsive Twitter addiction has so far proved wrong. He did not tweet his way out of the Republican nomination. Spontaneous social media messaging did not lose Trump the general election race with Hillary Clinton. Nor has Trump tweeted his presidency into oblivion. Instead,

The Flourishing Indian-Israeli Relations

Joseph Puder, “The sky is the limit.” As relations between the European Union countries and Israel are getting cooler and more tense, Israel’s relations with India, a future superpower, is getting warmer and stronger.  Last November, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin received a very warm welcome reception on his state visit to India.  Increasingly, the government

Erdogan’s next move: Restore capital punishment

Jazz Shaw, Meanwhile in Turkey… Turkey’s aspiring tyrant, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, continues attempting to institute “reforms” in his country at a breakneck pace. (And tragically, in this case, the word breakneck might be far more literal than we would wish.) Next month the Turkish people will be voting on Erdogan’s referendum transferring vast powers

Man killed after trying to seize soldier’s weapon at Paris airport

A man was shot dead Saturday at Paris’ Orly airport after he reached for a soldier’s weapon, BFM TV reported. The airport was evacuated, the station reported, according to Reuters. Witnesses described a chaotic scene. A witness identified only as Dominque told BFM television: “The soldiers took aim at the man, who in turn pointed

Breitbart News May Boot Milo Yiannopoulos Over Sex Comments

Milo Yiannopoulos, the provocative conservative journalist who is often portrayed as a champion of the far right, is facing possible dismissal from his employer, Breitbart News, over comments he once made about underage sex, FOX Business has learned. His possible dismissal could could come by the end of the day, sources from the conservative website told

For States, ObamaCare’s Day of Reckoning is Here

Nicholas Horton, It’s officially 2017. A new year, full of new beginnings and opportunities. But for taxpayers and the truly vulnerable in ObamaCare expansion states, it’s the continuation (and acceleration) of a nightmare. As of January 1, states are on the hook for 5 percent of the expansion’s costs. And with more enrollees than states

The Sounds of Silence: Warren speech cut-off captures rising Senate tensions

It’s all over but the shouting when it comes to the Senate confirming Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., as attorney general. But the talking came to an abrupt end for Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., Tuesday night when she expressed opposition to Sessions’ nomination on the Senate floor. The Senate prides itself on unlimited debate. But Warren

Republicans deliver on ‘Day One’ promise, begin ObamaCare repeal on Hill

Republicans delivered Tuesday on their “Day One” promise to start repealing ObamaCare at the start of the 115th Congress, introducing a resolution to dismantle the 2010 health care law. “Today, we take the first steps to repair the nation’s broken health care system, removing Washington from the equation and putting control back where it belongs:

Ryan Proposes Fines, Ethics Moves on Grandstanding House Members

U.S. Speaker Paul Ryan and his Republican lieutenants want to hit fellow lawmakers with fines and potential ethics violations if they engage in live-streaming or other disruptions on the House floor. The move is a belated response to this summer’s 25-hour sit-in by Democrats protesting Republican inaction on gun-control legislation. Under the proposed new rules

Trump has officially won the White House: 10 ways Dems must drain their own swamp

Bryan Dean Wright, It’s official. Donald Trump has won the Electoral College vote. Mr. Trump’s supporters are understandably gleeful at their chance to govern. They’ve got the House, Senate, and Presidency. And they will likely appoint several Supreme Court Justices. In short, Republicans are on the verge of remaking American life for decades to come.