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Does the First Amendment Stop at 35 Feet?

Jeff Jacoby Early next year, the Supreme Court will take up McCullen v. Coakley, a case challenging the Massachusetts statute that requires anti-abortion protesters and “sidewalk counselors” to stay at least 35 feet away from abortion-clinic entrances. Signed by Governor Deval Patrick in 2007, it is the strictest such “buffer zone” law in the nation; […] Continue reading →

Leading From Behind Al Sharpton

Pat Buchanan  “The First Black President … Spoke First as a Black American,” ran the banner headline of Sunday’s Washington Post. But why, when the fires of anger over the Zimmerman verdict were dying down, did he go into that pressroom and stir them up? “A week of protests outside the White House, pressure building […] Continue reading →

Zimmerman Speech Obama Should Have Given

My fellow Americans: I am your humble servant. You have entrusted me with the tremendous honor and responsibility to serve you as president. I am not president of black America, Hispanic America or white America. I am not president of liberal America or conservative America. I am president of the United States of America. Regrettably, […] Continue reading →

Zimmerman defense team makes its final pitch to jury

SANFORD, Fla.- George Zimmerman’s attorneys will get one last chance Friday to convince a jury that the former neighborhood watch volunteer killed unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin in self defense. Mark O’Mara, one of Zimmerman’s lawyers, was expected to argue in a closing statement that his client is a conscientious citizen who fired a fatal bullet […] Continue reading →

Ten shot, two dead near Empire State Building

Two people were killed and at least eight wounded in a shooting outside the Empire State Building on Friday, a New York police source said, creating chaos and shocking tourists and commuters who witnessed the bloody scene outside the landmark tourist attraction. One of the dead was the shooter, the source said, adding there was […] Continue reading →

Off-duty Philly officer shot dead on sidewalk  Moses Walker Jr., 40, a 19-year veteran Philadelphia police officer was found shot to death on a North Philadelphia sidewalk early this morning shortly after leaving work, according to police. The officer was off duty at the time. His name was released after family members were notified and escorted to Hahnemann University Hospital […] Continue reading →