What’s more important? Political Correctness or the meltdown of the US economy?

Wayne Allyn Root, 

Folks, this is a combination of pure fraud, censorship, media manipulation and conspiracy to rig a presidential election.

I’ve NEVER seen anything like it in my lifetime.

The media hates Donald Trump. They want to destroy him. So they choose to downplay or outright ignore any news that hurts Hillary or Obama…and make any news that hurts Trump the biggest blaring neon headlines on earth.

Here’s an analogy. What if your child called another kid “ugly”? Meanwhile on the same day, in the same class, another kid punched the teacher in the face, breaking her nose and shattering her jaw. At the same time, it was discovered that the principal embezzled $1 million from the education budget, thereby bankrupting the school and putting all the children’s futures in jeopardy.

Which should be the media headline?

Well if the kid who called a classmate “ugly” was named Trump, that would be the top news of the day.

Folks, this is INSANE. Trump said something offensive. I get it. I wish he’d never have done it. 

Here’s how I wish he’d replied to the Muslim father of the US Army Captain who died on the battlefield in 2004:

“Sir, I know the pain you must be in. I’m so sorry for your loss. Your son is a hero. Thank you and for making the ultimate sacrifice….

“Now let’s get back to the dying U.S. economy, the massive debt, the disaster of ObamaCare bankrupting the middle class, the lack of middle class jobs, our wide open borders allowing in millions of illegal aliens who are taking American jobs and busting our budget with massive spending on welfare, food stamps, education, health care, police and prison spending, and the frightening threat of Muslim terrorism…

Oh and one more thing…your son was killed by radical Muslim terrorists. My proposed limits on immigration are intended to keep those killers out of the United States. We both have the same goal.”

That should have been Trump’s only answer.

Although I honor that Muslim soldier for dying for this country, what does his sad death twelve long years ago have to do with the 2016 election, or my day-to-day concerns as a business owner and taxpayer? 

The correct answer is nothing.

This was a trap. A media WMD — “Weapon of Mass Distraction.” This was a brilliant set-up to distract the voters and to destroy Trump’s momentum. Trump fell for it, and it worked (in the short term).

But what’s truly amazing is the magnitude of the media conspiracy. The mainstream media decides what’s in the news and what makes headlines… 

So they decided this the opinions of this one Muslim father were far more important than thousands of parents whose children have been killed by illegal alien criminals because Obama and Hillary left the border wide open.

There’s been a total media blackout about those parents and their opinions.

Most remarkably the mainstream media decided this one Muslim father…and Trump’s reaction to him…is far more important than the meltdown of the entire U.S. economy and the destruction of the once great American middle class.

Last week the Fed announced something so important, that it should be the talk of the media and the talk of every American. Yet it was ignored by the media in favor of headlines about Trump and this one Muslim father.

The Fed released the latest GDP figures. They are a bloody disaster. 2nd quarter GDP was 1.2%, far below expectations of 2.6%. A simple way to describe 1.2% GDP is “jet engine stall.” We’re aren’t moving, the economy is in quicksand. 

If only this were only about one quarter, this would be worrisome, but not a disaster. It’s not.

The Fed also downgraded the past two quarters. The first quarter of 2016 was actually downgraded to negative. Also keep in mind Obama’s own White House economists recently predicted GDP would be around 1.9% for the entire 2016. 

Now add in the fact that the GDP for Obama’s entire time as President was just downgraded by the Commerce Department by over $300 billion.

This is now officially a disaster.

But there’s much more the media has covered up about the decline of this economy, in order to protect Obama and Hillary. Remember Hillary has stated repeatedly she is running for the third term of Obama. Here are a few more facts that the media doesn’t want you to know:

Barack Obama is the only president in the history of America to preside over 7 straight years of GDP growth under 3 percent.

Obama’s own White House economists agree GDP will be in the 1% range for this year 2016.  That means Obama will become the only president in America’s history to never produce a single year of 3% or higher GDP. Even pathetic sad-sack Herbert Hoover enjoyed one year with 3% plus GDP. Obama is worse than Hoover. 

The longest previous streak of under 3% GDP in the history of America was four years (1930 to 1933) during the depths of the Great Depression

For the first time in American history, more businesses are being destroyed each day than are being created.

A record numbers of Americans are not in the workforce (over 94 million).

There are 70 percent more Americans collecting entitlement checks than working in the private sector (148 million “takers” vs. 86 million “makers”). This is a fact provided by the U.S. Census Bureau.

13 of the 23 Obamacare State Co-Op Exchanges have failed (gone bust and broke). The remaining 10 have losses of over $200 million per year. 

In this Obama economy, 40% of American workers now earn less (adjusted for inflation) than a full-time minimum wage worker in 1968.

20% of U.S. families don’t have a single member who is employed.

More Young Americans now live with their parents than at any time since Great Depression.

Forty-three percent of student loan borrowers aren’t making any loan payments.

As an entrepreneur and small businessman, I know what’s important to me. Trump offending one person is not important in my life. I wish he wouldn’t do it. But it’s just not important. 

My income in decline is very important. 

My businesses in decline because my customers all say they have no money is very important. 

My life being destroyed by massive Obama tax increases — taking away all my disposable income and any chance to save my businesses — is very important. 

My health insurance rising from $500 per month to an unaffordable $1700 per month because of Obamacare is very important. 

IRS attacks against me because I’m a conservative critic of the president, which almost bankrupted me, are very important (and very criminal). 

Our nation’s unimaginable $20 trillion in massive, crippling debt is very important. 

The Wall Street Journal disclosing only days ago that this is the worst recovery since 1949 is very important.

Yet none of these real issues and gigantic problems merit any attention from the mainstream media. There is virtually no mainstream media coverage of the U.S. economy on verge of collapse, or the middle class being destroyed by ObamaCare, or half the country on welfare and food stamps.

All this destruction was created by Obama and Hillary’s policies.

But all the media tells you about is one offensive comment by Trump.

And that my friends is more than a tragedy…

Wayne Allyn Root is a capitalist evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative national media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee, now back to the GOP. Wayne’s latest book will be released on August 23: “Angry White Male” (Skyhorse Publishing). He is a supporter of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.