Think Trump Is Losing? He Just Set An ALL TIME RECORD, You’ve Got To See This

Donald Trump released his financial statements for his campaign for the month of July. The numbers that showed up were staggering. They included a record breaking month, that of course other news outlets weren’t reporting on.

For the month of July, the Trump campaign raised $80 million. That is absolutely nothing to sneeze at, and it turned out that it was nearly $30 million more than what was raised in June. You would think that other news outlets would want to report on these numbers. Well that couldn’t be more wrong.

The Washington Post reported that Hillary Clinton’s campaign raised $63 million, and was praising the amount that they raised. Well correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t $80 million more than $63 million? Or do I need to go back to school?

If Trump did raise all of this money, then why isn’t it being reported? Well the answer could be because the media is so against Trump. You can be assured that if Clinton raised this much money then it would be all over every news station.

The reason for all of this money raised can be attributed to a couple reasons. One being that the Republican National Convention was held. When they announced that Trump would be their candidate, then people probably started donating more to him.

The other potential reason could be that the people of the United States are tired of hearing about all the scandals that the Democratic Party has had. Who could possibly blame them? It came out that they were all for Clinton and tried to rig the elections.

Well people, most likely Bernie Sanders supporters, grew tired of all the lies and corruption and probably started donating to the Trump campaign.

A statement released by the chairman of the Donald J Trump for President reads as follows: “We are extremely proud of our 69% growth in small dollar donations which shows the broad based support of over one million donors across America. Our volunteers and contributors are clearly committed to electing Donald J. Trump as President in November.”

This is an important improvement because finally it is just Trump against Clinton. There are no more primaries, no other candidates, nothing else. Based on the numbers for July, it seems more people are donating to the Trump campaign, and that is the momentum he needs to continue having.

Share this article and show people that Trump actually did a better job at raising money than Clinton did. The media sure won’t.


  • Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

    Hillary Rotten Clinton is meeting her Waterloo. Her sin has not risen to the level Go wants yet, it has to be ripe before her judgment falls, its coming. Her crimes are legion and undeniable. As for her lunch. He crimes will allow her more than just lunch 3 hots and cot in federal prison when Chris Christie the new AG will prosecute her with the fullest extent of the law that she has been hiding from for decades. Her time has almost come. Wait and see.

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      Hear Ye, Hear Ye back at ya. I was going to type just that.
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    that fat pig will eat anything for lunch

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      breakfast and dinner too!