Yes Donald Trump is on track to get at least 1310 delegates by June #Trump2016

As the media seeks to keep a story alive, with the help of Republican establishment figures, and the likes of Mark Levin, the odds of a “Brokered Convention” are evaporating as more analysts show Trump is on track to get 1310 delegates, making him the nominee, regardless of who is on the second ballot.

Even if Trump fails to hit 1237, his team and John Kasichs are now blocking Ted Cruz, and other groups are destroying any chance of a brokered convention.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich got fewer votes than Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in the state’s presidential primary last month, but his Michigan delegation may have more influence at the national convention than Cruz’s camp after forming an alliance with Donald Trump’s campaign.

Kasich’s delegates teamed up Saturday with supporters of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump to deny Cruz’s Michigan delegates any seats on the four committees that will decide the parameters of the Republican National Convention in July.

Michigan’s 59 national convention delegates met Saturday after the conclusion of the Michigan Republican Party’s state convention to elect eight representatives to four powerful committees that decide voting credentials, presidential candidate nominating rules, the party’s platform and convention operations.

Each state or territory gets two representatives on the committees — one man and one woman — at the of the July 18-21 convention in Cleveland.

Trump’s campaign was represented by his 25 delegates, while Cruz and Kasich had 17 delegates apiece, based on how the nominating delegates were awarded in the March 8 primary.
Even Mitt Romney’s niece is supporting Trump:

Michigan Republican Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel said Thursday she will pledge her national delegate vote to presidential front-runner Donald Trump since the New York billionaire won last month’s primary.

McDaniel said she and Republican National Committeewoman Kathy Berden will fill two of Trump’s 11 at-large delegates. Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema is expected pledge his vote to Texas U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz when delegates are selected at this weekend’s Michigan Republican Party state convention in Lansing.

So how does Trump get to 1310? Easy:

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