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Returning to the smoke-filled back rooms

Jim Ellis,   Something may occur in the 2016 presidential campaign that hasn’t happened in 95 years: independent delegates choosing a nominee in an open convention format. With a huge number of Republican presidential candidates likely to enter the national race, anywhere from 11 to 14 and so few states distributing their delegates through a winner-take-all […] Continue reading →

Michael Moore Still Fears Clint Eastwood

By: James Hirsen,  Moore invoked some of the favored invectives that so-called progressives are prone to hurl.  In an apparent effort to garner publicity, Michael Moore continues to make provocative statements about “American Sniper,” the film that has captured moviegoers’ attention and consequently taken the box office by storm. The concoctor of controversy now appears […] Continue reading →

Cleveland, no need to swoon over the RNC

Jeff Jacoby  Republicans picked Cleveland to host their 2016 national convention, and the city, writes the Plain Dealer’s Stephen Koff, “is swooning over its victory.” No kidding. “Huge day for our city. Has anything ever happened here that’s bigger?”tweeted Aaron Goldhammer, co-host of ESPN Cleveland’s morning sports show. Ed FitzGerald, Cuyahoga County’s elected executive and […] Continue reading →

Benghazi and Hillary

Bruce Bialosky  By now you must be pretty sick of reading and hearing about Hillary Clinton. Personally, I am ready for No Mas. But after I wrote my first column about Benghazi many readers wrote and asked me to promise I would not let the subject die. Since nothing has happened that has warranted dropping […] Continue reading →

The Man Who Didn’t Want to be President

 Jeff Jacoby  Nearly 1,000 days stretch between this Presidents’ Day and the next presidential election. Yet already it is impossible to escape the maneuvers, machinations, and media coverage of men and women so consumed with winning the highest office in the land that the lust for power all but oozes from their pores. For as […] Continue reading →

RNC Panders To Blacks With Kwanzaa Statement

by B. Christopher Agee,  The Republican Party has faced legitimate criticism in recent years for its inability to rise above the left’s personal attacks. While the conservative movement has fact and reason on its side, many on the right remain bogged down by false allegations of racism and bigotry. As a result, too many party […] Continue reading →