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Trump upends a news media that’s still in denial about its vanished world.

Scot Faulkner, January 20, 2017 (Before His Swearing in As 45th. U.S. President) President-Elect Donald Trump’s first news conference since the November election vividly displayed how he has turned the media world upside down. His unprecedented campaign and transition points to an administration committed to solidifying a media revolution that began decades ago. The media,

The Medical Cover-Up Surrounding Hillary Clinton

Cliff Kincaid | Accuracy in Media The media are returning to their protective mode regarding Hillary Clinton, after pretending to raise questions about her health. But very few questions have been answered. Here are some that still linger: Clinton and her media entourage have claimed in the past that her coughing fits were caused by

Why Hillary Will Get Away With Benghazi

Bethany Stotts  No matter how many times it is called “phony” or the administration blames Fox News for keeping the scandal alive, the issue of Benghazi and the September 11, 2012 attacks remains alive and well. And this fact is damaging to presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State under President Barack Obama. A

Could This Be The End Of Obamacare?

Roger Aranoff,  Since its passage, a number of lawsuits have attempted to undermine Obamacare as a law, with varying degrees of success. The individual mandate challenge failed before the Supreme Court in 2012, despite what seemed like positive reception to the challenge during oral argument. Hobby Lobby went before the Supreme Court on March 25 to challenge

Obama Encourages Drug Money Laundering

 The Obama administration has announced that it won’t enforce money-laundering laws against banks doing business with marijuana stores, in a move designed to “facilitate illegal conduct,” says Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) The Obama administration calls it “Guidance to Financial Institutions on Marijuana Businesses.” The Washington Post story about this development carried the innocuous headline, “Obama administration clears

Phil Robertson: Another Target for the Gay Lobby

Written by Cliff Kincaid, The brouhaha over “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson is revealing the massive power of the homosexual lobby and their determination to destroy influential figures standing in the way of a forced acceptance of their lifestyle. Robertson, attacked for “anti-gay” comments in GQ Magazine that have been labeled by the “progressives” as “shocking,”