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Does Being Presidential Matter Anymore?

Ben Shapiro, It’s tempting to view President Trump as the end of the American presidential tradition. It’s difficult to imagine George Washington pondering a future president of the United States tweeting out memes of himself clotheslining a CNN-logoed enemy. It would certainly confuse Abraham Lincoln to see the president jabbering about media enemies’ bloody face-lifts

Serve Where It Counts Most

Terry Paulson, In America today, people may differ in how they define what it is to care. Some are more focused on nurturing and giving, caring enough to provide a welcoming sense of security in the tough times. Others are more comfortable showing tough love—caring enough to hold one accountable and let them gain confidence

Republicans (Especially in California), It’s Time to Get Audacious

Arthur Schaper, About three weeks ago, I read the following article by John Seiler: Advice for California Republicans: Audacity! Audacity! Always Audacity! Finally, someone is reading my mind, sharing my sentiments. I would have made one change to the title: “Advice for All Republicans.” The California Republican Party (and I would submit the RNC as

That time California legalized child prostitution

Jazz Shaw, One of the stranger food fights in the Twittersphere this week erupted over a story which indicated that California had legalized child prostitution. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve seen the Golden State pass all sorts of measures that left me picking my jaw up off the floor, but

5 Ways to Move from a Great Shaking in 2016 to a Great Awakening in 2017

Michael Brown,   According to the Chicago Tribune, 2016 was, “A year unlike any year.” Merriam-Webster, famous for its dictionaries, picked “surreal” as the word of the year, and Nigel Farage of Brexit fame opined that 2016 was the “Year Of The ‘Political Revolution’ By The Little People.” By all counts, 2016 was a year

Where is God?

Michael Gerson, It is one of the common questions of eighth-grade theology (which is generally more insightful and useful than post-doctoral theology): If God really exists, why doesn’t he show himself in some dramatic, undeniable way? In response, author and minister Frederick Buechner proposes a thought experiment. What if God were to rearrange the stars

Skip it? Hey American Atheists, here are five reasons to come to church this Christmas

Bruce Ashford, J. D. Greear Earlier this month, American Atheists launched two nationwide billboard campaigns urging Americans to celebrate the holidays by skipping church. The first billboard depicts a text message exchange in which one young woman tells a friend that she plans to skip church during Christmas and that her parents will “get over

Trump Up By 22,000 Votes in Wisconsin Recount …Proving his point he would win a recount

Day five of the recount is underway in Wisconsin and it’s not looking good for Hillary. Trump has lost 783,341 votes so far. But Hillary’s lost 830,623 votes, for a difference of 47,282 votes. The City of Milwaukee claims absentee ballots still haven’t been recounted. “Milwaukee counts its absentee ballots centrally (not at the polling