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This Sheriff Is Being Attacked for Standing up for the 2nd Amendment… He WILL Stand Firm

 Recently a Sheriff in Maryland issued a blunt warning to the federal government, letting it know that attempts at gun confiscation would result in a “civil war.” Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis basically told the feds, and his state’s leadership, that he would refuse to enforce any additional federal gun control laws. Now Sheriff Lewis is […] Read More →

New Trend: Billionaires ‘Buying Gun Control’

 Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg and three other billionaires are bankrolling a controversial gun-control initiative that will appear on the Nov. 4 ballot in Washington State. Even the new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Steve Ballmer, has gotten into the act, writing a check for $1 million dollars to help flood the airwaves with anti-gun […] Read More →

Ex. Congresswoman Unleashes Nasty Ads Against Pro-Second Amendment Candidates

Matt Vespa,  Gabby Giffords has unleashed a few anti-gun ads that some are calling downright “mean.” After her attempted assassination by the mentally unbalanced Jared Lee Loughner, the former Arizona congresswoman has become one of the leaders in this renewed effort to promote gun control through her Americans for Responsible Solutions (via Politico): Gabby Giffords, irreproachable […] Read More →

Guns Don’t Cause Gang Violence – Democrats Do

Michael Schaus  Between Friday night, and Sunday evening, 20 people had been shot in Rahm Emanuel’s gun control utopia (Chicago). Which, unbelievably, shows an improvement over the previous weekend, which tacked on more than 35 gunshot victims to the city’s climbing statistics. And, heck, with the CPD’s recent scandal surrounding how they classify various crimes, it almost […] Read More →

The NRA Is Going After Michael Bloomberg

Matt Vespa  President Barack Obama isn’t the most helpful politician to Democrats this election cycle, but there could be another “boogeyman” in this election cycle: Michael Bloomberg. The National Rifle Association launched an offensive against this anti-gun activist earlier this week–and it’s about time (via Washington Post): The National Rifle Association announced Tuesday that it is […] Read More →

Anti-Gunners Kill More Jobs with Bloomberg-Style Laws

Michael Schaus  America’s largest shotgun manufacturer has decided to move more of its business to the Republic of Texas. The news that O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. chose not to expand their business in Connecticut shouldn’t really come as a surprise. States that have zealously pursued more restrictive gun control policies have seen their historically […] Read More →

Another Bloody Chicago Weekend: 82 Shot, 14 Killed

Katie Pavlich Gun control in Chicago worked really well over the Independence Day holiday weekend as 82 people were shot and 14 were killed in multiple deadly gang rampages. More from the Chicago Tribune: Five of the people were shot by police over 36 hours on Friday and Saturday, including two boys 14 and 16 […] Read More →

Hillary Clinton Attacks Drudge & Second Amendment In Texas Visit

Americans who don’t believe in gun control are “intimidating” the population, according to presumptive presidential candidate. At her recent book signing in Austin, Texas, Hillary Clinton said that Americans who don’t believe in gun control are “intimidating” the population, in addition to suggesting that the Drudge Report and independent media carry “bad information.”  In her […] Read More →

Gun control hits a literal WTF? moment in Colorado

 Gun control did not prove to be a winning issue for Democrat Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado.  It’s already cost three Democrats their seats in the state legislature, thanks to recall elections, plus a resignation.  The majority of Colorado sheriffs actually tried to sue their own state to block the gun-control measures, because they argued […] Read More →