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Nearly 30% of Americans advocate for an Armed Rebellion

 Nearly one-third of Americans say an armed revolution might need to occur in the next few years to prevent an escalating war against constitutional liberties. Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind surveyed 863 US residents randomly and found that 29 percent of those polled believe a revolution isn’t just imminent but imperative. According to the study, 29 […] Continue reading →

90% of NY Gun Owners Refuse to Register Guns

 Standing shoulder to shoulder in defiance with their “brothers-in-arms” in Connecticut, New York gun owners are rebelling against their soon-to-take-effect gun control law. Gun owners have already stood in defiance by burning their registration forms in protest.  They are remarkably unenthusiastic about complying with the order to register their so-called “assault weapons,” and the law […] Continue reading →

Piers Morgan ends CNN show with gun-control plea

 CNN host Piers Morgan issued one last plea for U.S. gun control as he wrapped up his show’s three-year run. Morgan devoted the prime-time show’s final minutes Friday night to the issue that he said has been a “consistent and often very controversial” part of “Piers Morgan Live.” The British-born host cited gun violence statistics […] Continue reading →

Anti-Gun Liberal Wants to Murder NRA Board Members

Michael Schaus  An anti-gun liberal talk-show host apparently wants to shoot NRA board members. But, before we talk about the precarious possibility of some imbalanced leftist abusing Second Amendment rights (that he fights against) we should get some background information. Georgia has recently passed some legislation (awaiting approval from the Governor) that would expand the […] Continue reading →

State Senator’s Response to Second Amendment Concerns: “Go F**k Yourself”

Pro-gun control Rep. Josh Miller in foul-mouthed retort Pro-gun control State Senator Josh Miller (D) has a message for second amendment advocates who are concerned the legislation he is backing would turn them into criminals; “Go fuck yourself”. Infowars correspondent Dan Bidondi approached Miller and other lawmakers at the Rhode Island State House where a […] Continue reading →

Gun ordinances face defiance from law officers

Bruce Parker This article originally appeared on The head of a nationwide sheriffs coalition is calling on Vermont’s law enforcement officers to defy three controversial gun control measures passed by Burlington voters three weeks ago. “Sheriffs have a constitutional duty to refuse to comply with such ordinances,” said Richard Mack, president of the Constitutional Sheriffs and […] Continue reading →

Legislation Introduced in Kentucky to Nullify Obama’s Gun Control

The Legislature of Kentucky is looking to nullify all types of federal gun confiscation attempts. They join states like Alaska, Arizona, Idaho and Missouri, among others, that are telling the federal government that they will not cooperate with their gun control laws. Numerous states are fighting back against the overreaching Federal government, reasserting their state’s […] Continue reading →

New York Residents Set Fire to Gun Registration Forms

One thousand registration forms torched in SAFE Act protest Second Amendment supporters in Saratoga Springs, New York burned nearly one thousand gun registration forms this Sunday in protest to the NY SAFE Act. As the April 15 “assault weapons” registration deadline draws near, members of the NY2A Grassroots Coalition are encouraging non-compliance at educational forums […] Continue reading →