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Alan Dershowitz Admits the Extreme Left Hates Jews

Gary DeMar,  There are extremists in every group. As a friend of mine says, “Bright lights attract big bugs.” The Left has its share of political extremists. Some are racists. Some are anti-homosexual. And many are anti-Semitic. Usually when a leftist goes off the rails, that leftist is protected until he gets his mind right or […] Continue reading →

By 2024, The Democrats Will Be An Atheist Party

Kurt Schlichter  Democrats are waging war on the faithful and are even comfortable booing God on national TV. Give it three more presidential election cycles and the Democrat Party’s platform will be expressly antireligious. Today, they still pretend not to hate the concept of faith or hold those who have it in contempt. You’ll see […] Continue reading →

Brandeis and the Real War on Women

Jonathan S. Tobin  Our Tom Wilson and John Podhoretz have already ably dissected the craven decision of Brandeis University to bow to pressure from extremist Muslim groups and to rescind its offer of an honorary degree on Ayaan Hirsi Ali. But now we are beginning to hear some defenses of the university’s decision that tell […] Continue reading →

Money in Politics? McCutcheon’s Foes Don’t Always Say No

Jeff Jacoby  Traditional liberals should be cheering the Supreme Court’s decision last week in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, which reaffirmed a value at the heart of the First Amendment: The best response to unwelcome or controversial political speech is more political speech. Democratic self-government depends on the right to participate in advocacy and debate, […] Continue reading →

The Left’s Evolving Hierarchy of Rights

Paul Kengor This article first appeared at  Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you’ve noticed the growing clash between religious freedom and issues like same-sex marriage and forced funding of abortion. Last week, the Supreme Court heard a landmark case on whether the federal government can compel a business to fund abortion drugs […] Continue reading →

Police State: The Liberal Butchers

Twenty-one years ago we were reminded of the deadly danger of having the left-liberals in charge of the police state. The largest massacre of American civilians by the US government since Wounded Knee climaxed on April 19, 1993. The siege that had begun on February 28 with a botched ATF publicity stunt ended when the […] Continue reading →

Michelle Malkin: Dear Mr. Colbert: Me so stupid. You so funny!

Question: Who are the most prominent public purveyors of Asian stereotypes and ethnic language-mocking in America? The right answer is liberal Hollywood and Democrats. The wrong and slanderous answer is conservatives, which is what liberal performance artist/illegal-alien-amnesty lobbyist Stephen Colbert wants Americans to believe. Last week on his Comedy Central show, Colbert resurrected his “satirical” […] Continue reading →

Liberal Fascist Calls For Global Warming Skeptics to be Arrested

Unhinged Gawker journo wants critics thrown in gulags for thought crime of questioning establishment  The thinly-veiled totalitarian bent of the unhinged left has reared its ugly head once again with a demented rant by Gawker’s Adam Weinstein which calls for thought criminals who question man-made global warming to be arrested and thrown in prison. “We have laws […] Continue reading →

The Problem Is Liberalism, Not Racism

Star Parker When Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif, went off on Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis, for his remarks that “We have got a tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value and the culture of work,” the […] Continue reading →

Matt Drudge pays his ‘liberty tax’

Investors Business Daily summarizes Monday’s Internet tornado touchdown, in which White House officials and their faithful worshipers in the media once again demonstrated themselves completely ignorant of business reality… not to mention the way their own disastrous health care law works: Despite White House claims no one has to pay ObamaCare’s individual mandate tax until […] Continue reading →

The Death of Journalism

Jeff Crouere What happened to the watchdog media? Sadly, in this day of Obama, they have turned into the lapdog media. Everyone knows that most members of the mainstream news media are card carrying liberals; however, even staunch left wingers should have enough integrity to fulfill their responsibilities to the public. Our country has benefited […] Continue reading →