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Spare the Blogger and Lash us Instead

Jeff Jacoby,   ON JAN. 9, the government of Saudi Arabia publicly whipped a liberal Muslim writer, Raif Badawi, flogging him 50 times outside a mosque in Jeddah. It was the first installment of the 1,000 lashes to which Badawi had been sentenced — in addition to 10 years in prison and a fine of more […] Continue reading →

2014: The Year The Liberal Lies Died

Kurt Schlichter,  Every single thing liberals say is a lie. No exceptions. We conservatives always knew it, but 2014 was the year when the rest of America began to understand. And 2014 was the year that Americans had to choose sides – would they stand with the liberal liars or with us conservatives? Last November, […] Continue reading →

Bush-Clinton Dynasty Dominates Presidential Poll

Americans more interested in brand name than political change. If the 2016 presidential election was held today, Jeb Bush would square off against Hillary Clinton. At least, that’s what a CNN poll states. Liberals are behind Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren but her anti-bankster rhetoric is too much for the political class. She comes in a […] Continue reading →

Assassinations? Blame Obama and Holder

John Ransom,   There, I said it. At least in the headline, I said it. Not convinced? Fine, I’ll say it again: I blame Eric Holder and Barack Obama for the assassinations of officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu. And I blame New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio. And Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and Elizabeth Warren […] Continue reading →

The Worst Liberal Lies Of 2014

Matt Vespa,  As 2014 comes to a close, what were the biggest liberal lies of the year?  Luckily, our friends at the Media Research Center compiled the top five lies made by liberals this year that range from the missing Lois Lerner emails to not knowing who Jonathan Gruber is, or what he did regarding […] Continue reading →