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Thomas Sowell : The High Cost of Liberalism: Part III

 Income inequality has long been one of the liberals’ favorite issues. So there is nothing surprising about its being pushed hard this election year. If nothing else, it is a much-needed distraction from the disasters of ObamaCare and the various IRS, Benghazi and other Obama administration scandals. Like so many other favorite liberal issues, income […] Continue reading →

Thomas Sowell: The High Cost of Liberalism

 Liberals advocate many wonderful things. In fact, I suspect that most conservatives would prefer to live in the kind of world envisioned by liberals, rather than in the kind of world envisioned by conservatives. Unfortunately, the only kind of world that any of us can live in is the world that actually exists. Trying to […] Continue reading →

Liberals Must Choose Between Freedom And Fascism

Kurt Schlichter,   Honest liberals are having their Andrew Breitbart moment. Andrew started out as a liberal, except he was the kind of liberal that’s exceedingly rare today. He was a liberal who actually believed in the things liberals say they believe in, like free expression and personal autonomy. But they don’t. Andrew’s change began when […] Continue reading →

Liberals are winning the language war?

 Are conservatives linguistically challenged? Or are they just naïve enough to think they can win the battle of ideas with — ideas? Okay, and money. Conservatives, like liberals, will spend huge amounts of money this year to get their ideas across to voters. But what they fail to do is bundle their thoughts into a […] Continue reading →

‘The Five’: Why do liberals hate Bundy for dodging taxes when illegal immigrants do the same?

Fox News’ “The Five” wondered why liberals blast Cliven Bundy’s refusal to pay taxes on land owned by the federal government, yet praise illegal immigrants (and Al Sharpton) for breaking federal law and dodging taxes. The left has furiously attacked Bundy since the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) withdrew their forces from the Nevada rancher’s […] Continue reading →

Helping the Democrats Avoid the Victims

Brent Bozell  For a moment, imagine yourself back in 2006, at the height of liberal aggression about the “imperial hubris” of George W. Bush in the war on terror. The left’s contempt for this man was rampant. Liberals savaged him for turning the world against this country. Keith Olbermann announced “the beginning of the end […] Continue reading →

By 2024, The Democrats Will Be An Atheist Party

Kurt Schlichter  Democrats are waging war on the faithful and are even comfortable booing God on national TV. Give it three more presidential election cycles and the Democrat Party’s platform will be expressly antireligious. Today, they still pretend not to hate the concept of faith or hold those who have it in contempt. You’ll see […] Continue reading →

Brandeis and the Real War on Women

Jonathan S. Tobin  Our Tom Wilson and John Podhoretz have already ably dissected the craven decision of Brandeis University to bow to pressure from extremist Muslim groups and to rescind its offer of an honorary degree on Ayaan Hirsi Ali. But now we are beginning to hear some defenses of the university’s decision that tell […] Continue reading →

Money in Politics? McCutcheon’s Foes Don’t Always Say No

Jeff Jacoby  Traditional liberals should be cheering the Supreme Court’s decision last week in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, which reaffirmed a value at the heart of the First Amendment: The best response to unwelcome or controversial political speech is more political speech. Democratic self-government depends on the right to participate in advocacy and debate, […] Continue reading →

The Left’s Evolving Hierarchy of Rights

Paul Kengor This article first appeared at  Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you’ve noticed the growing clash between religious freedom and issues like same-sex marriage and forced funding of abortion. Last week, the Supreme Court heard a landmark case on whether the federal government can compel a business to fund abortion drugs […] Continue reading →

Police State: The Liberal Butchers

Twenty-one years ago we were reminded of the deadly danger of having the left-liberals in charge of the police state. The largest massacre of American civilians by the US government since Wounded Knee climaxed on April 19, 1993. The siege that had begun on February 28 with a botched ATF publicity stunt ended when the […] Continue reading →