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It Seems Abortion Is The Liberal Glue That Binds

Matt Vespa Has abortion become the glue that holds liberals together? What is it about this horrific act that never ceases to energize the progressive left? Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, who’s now the Democratic candidate for governor, became a darling of the left with her filibuster on a bill that sought to ban abortion

For Wendy Davis, pink sneakers amazingly fail to build lead toward finish line

Jazz Shaw, Say, do you remember Wendy Davis… the Texas state senator who performed a filibuster while wearing pink sneakers, immediately becoming a Democrat national icon? Well if you do you’re apparently in the minority. After that jackrabbit quick start on a run for governor in the Lone Star state, recent reports indicate that her

Ann Coulter: Death penalty opponents, have I got a deal for you!

As described in last week’s column, the New York Times and other sanctimonious news outlets censored details about the crime that put Clayton Lockett on death row, the better to generate revulsion at his deserved execution. You might say they buried the facts alive. For example, the Times neglected to mention anything about the raping

That 2014 Pew Poll is Even Worse Than it Looks for Democrats

Guy Benson  Dan already summarized the latest topline polling numbers from Pew and USA Today, which highlight the GOP’s electoral edge heading into the fall. The pollster calls the results “daunting” for Democrats, as the newspaper’s write-up explains that Republicans’ current advantage represents “the strongest tilt to Republican candidates at this point in a midterm

Tax-and-Spend Liberal: Wendy Davis Getting Crushed in Texas

Guy Benson  Surprise: Texas voters aren’t particularly excited about electing a tax-and-spend liberal whose claim to fame is filibustering a widely-supported bill to ban sixth-month abortions. With a grain of salt due to its provenance, feast your eyes on the latest polling out of the Lonestar State (which Katie covered earlier here): Republican Greg Abbott

Liberal Wendy Davis slams Republican opponent on equal pay

Davis tells Abbot to “act like a Texan.” Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis slammed her Republican opponent Greg Abbot after campaign staffers of Abbot said he would not support equal pay for women. “Greg Abbot’s spokesperson said he would veto equal pay legislation, just like Rick Perry did. And given what’s going on at

This Might Be The Most Disgusting Pro-Abortion Rant Ever

 B. Christopher Agee  As support for abortion cools across America as a whole, its proponents seem to only grow shriller in their defense of the grotesque act. A particularly revolting case in point is the recent two-part column on Raw Feed featuring several outrageous claims by militant feminist Amanda Marcotte. While her diatribe would doubtlessly

Texas Democrats nominate Alameel for US Senate

Dallas dental mogul and former major GOP donor David Alameel has topped four little-known candidates to win the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate. Alameel distanced himself from a crowded field by securing the endorsement of Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Wendy Davis. Born in Lebanon, Alameel joined an official delegation that traveled to Afghanistan in 2000 and

Ann Coulter: It Is ‘Appalling’ How News Media Are ‘Smitten’ With Wendy Davis

Rich Noyes  Appearing on FNC’s Hannity Wednesday night, conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter zinged the news media and the Democratic Party for being “so smitten” with Texas liberal Wendy Davis “because she’s going to stand up for killing babies. Oh, that’s great, that’s really speaking truth to power.” Now, Coulter said, even Davis has

Primer on the Laffer Curve to Help Understand Why Obama’s Class-Warfare Tax Policy Won’t Work

Daniel J. Mitchell,  My main goal for fiscal policy is shrinking the size and scope of the federal government and lowering the burden of government spending. But I’m also motivated by a desire for better tax policy, which means lower tax rates, less double taxation, and fewer corrupting loopholes and other distortions. One of the